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Before you join Jerkmate private shows, you should understand that Jerkmate is a great cam show site. You can find any model based on your preference and sexual orientation. You can send private messages to models with big tits or watch live streams of petite models with smaller tits. Or there are great trans models. Thus, you’ll get access to various model profiles you can choose from.

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  • Great videos accessible even with a free account.
  • A chance for private video and voice chat.
  • Great chat room options.
  • No requirement for too much money to use all the features.
  • Great sections like sex games.
  • Reliable and safe Jerkmate experience.


  • No mobile app to download.
  • Entertainment isn’t for free account users.

It’s no secret people enjoy watching a private show where a cam girl will do her best to make them happy and content. What’s more, private chats with cam girls might be even more pleasant and breathtaking. If you’re looking for a perfect cam site, perhaps you should discover the best place like Jerkmate, known for its charming cam girls, couples, and even men. Jerkmate members are ready to mesmerize you with their live streams.

What can ignite your interest while looking for private shows? You might be interested in hot girls, or how about private sex online? It’s no secret that hot models on Jerkmate can impress you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with them via chat rooms. If you’re looking for nasty stuff, models on this website are ready to make you happy and satisfied. And it can be said this site offers a great chance to spend your money on great stuff and private chats with great content.

The perfect experience is what makes Jerkmate a good place, and thanks to various features, great and interesting video content, various categories, etc., you can discover the paradise of perfect cam shows. Jerkmate is indeed a great place worth your time and money. You can even send messages to other members or request a private show. If you’re interested in discovering more, stay tuned with this in-depth Jerkmate review.

Jerkmate review

Alternatives to Jerkmate

When looking for a great site like Jerkmate, you better consider some popular cam sites, but are there decent alternatives to this amazing platform? Here are 2 sites that can be considered great alternatives to this site:

  • Sweet Sext. Unlike a Jerkmate site, it’s not a completely cam site, but it offers great videos and pictures like Jerkmate. So, if you’re seeking a chance to indulge in great adult content, you’re not limited to the Jerkmate cam site. What’s more, Sweet Sext is also known as a casual dating website, so it’s a chance to meet hot ladies in person.
  • Hookup Guru Live. There are many similarities between Jerkmate and Hookup Guru Live. Hookup Guru Live is a platform with various models in various categories. But it’s also known for offering a great place for realizing your kinks. If you’re seeking a great chance to watch and chat with hot models, it’s one of the best places to get started.
Jerkmate category

Interesting features you can discover on Jerkmate

Once you’ve visited this site, you’ll feel the urge to become a user on this platform full of hot people ready to satisfy your desires and fantasies. Before you begin, it’s time to understand why it’s a great place for you.

User-friendly interface

Unlike casual dating websites, cam show sites are generally harder to navigate, but that’s not the case with Jerkmate. In the world of live streams, it’s one of the basic and clear places to enjoy the companionship of hotties.

Hassle-free and quick registration

You don’t have to get an upgraded membership. Still, it’s recommended that you should have an account. Registration is quite quick. So, in several minutes, you can start looking for great models who can be interesting and appealing to you.

Search filters

This is where the site is getting cooler. Jerkmate offers a detailed search option, so finding the hot and sexy model with the expected kinks won’t be something challenging. Look through search filters and find the ideal live show.

Becoming a model

While there are so many people desiring to watch and enjoy live streams, how about making money on your own streams? The site is cool in terms of offering a chance for people to make money, so if you have a good webcam, why not join this community?

Media collections

The site isn’t only about shows that you can discover. Indeed, there are myriads of ongoing streams, but you might be interested in pre-recorded videos. There are many categories in videos as well. If you’re a premium member, you can get access to the videos for sale.

Various contests

To make your online venture more entertaining, there are some interesting contests you can participate in. There are many top 10s contests that can be joyful, so you’re not limited to just watching how ladies or guys online do nasty things. There’s even more to enjoy.

Spin the wheel

This is a great feature if you want to pick a random model. You’ll pay for this service, but it’s quite an interesting feature to try. This is a roulette game, and it’s something like choosing a random model who can make great things for you in exchange for gold.

Fan club

Since Jerkmate is quite an experienced and legit place, there are many models who have become popular. And why not join their fan clubs? This will give you a chance to follow your models and get discounts when watching their shows.

Limit how much you will spend

Models on this site can be addictive, and no doubt you’ll want to spend lots of time, but that can mean spending lots of money. How about setting some limits on the credits you’ll spend on watching live streams? This is where you can find this feature priceless. You don’t have to worry about spending more, as the site will limit your spending.

Rewards for active members

It’s not only about giving but also about receiving. In addition to getting a chance to earn money, you can also get some rewards. There are great reward options for active members who spend a lot of money on a daily basis. So, depending on your activity, you can gain some rewards. Such rewards are given weekly, so to be eligible for them, you should spend money on live streams.

Jerkmate TV

One of the recent but interesting features is Jerkmate TV. This is the next level of broadcasting hot content for the members of Jerkmate. This is a special offer with the hottest models, and again, you should know that this feature is available for premium members. Jerkmate TV has made the online journey more intriguing.

Jerkmate TV

Private chats, live vibe, sex games, and even more

It’s hard to list all the best features of this cam show platform Jerkmate. Private chats are special chats when models focus on you, and you can make everything more intimate with exclusive chats. How about enjoying the communication with the live vibe? Sex games are also quite popular among Jerkmate members.

Professional support team

When watching live videos, you might happen to have problems. And if you’re not able to solve them on your own, you better consider appealing to the help of the support team. You’ll get your problem solved within a short time.


What is Jerkmate?

It’s a great cam show site offering a wide range of cam models. It’s considered to be among the top cam sites you can pick in 2023. Although the site has a lot in terms of free services, there are exclusive features that you can find interesting. Register, choose your cam model, and enjoy live videos.

What is JerkmateLive?

This is a section of live videos. Most of the content is offered in terms of live videos. Thus, it’s known as Jerkmate live. Don’t forget that not all videos on this site are under the category of live cam shows. There are other types of videos you can find on this site.

Are all videos from Jerkmate live?

No, not all videos are live. You can get access to some videos that are recorded. They also offer quite interesting, entertaining, and explicit content.

Who owns Jerkmate?

This is the cam show site that belongs to ICF Technology, Inc. It’s quite a popular company that is responsible for creating this amazing platform where you can enjoy live videos with charming cam models. And this company is ready to offer more for active members.

What is GOLD?

Instead of credits that you can find on many cam sites, Jerkmate offers its own currency in Gold. It can be used to send to cam models as appreciation.

What is the average age of Jerkmate users?

It can be said that this cam site offers a young demographic. You can find cam models starting from 18 to older ages. Overall, the average age is about 30.

How do I find a model?

There are myriad ways of finding a model, and when accessing the main page, you’ll be offered a chance to meet random models. You can pick them according to different criteria and categories.

How does the video chat in Jerkmate work?

You just need to click on the cam model that interests you. Then, you’ll be redirected to the page where you can see the streaming video with a chat bar. If you’re a premium member of this site, you can also turn on your web camera.

Why can’t I access any live videos on Jerkmate?

To do so, you need to pay for this service. Thus, you need to have an upgraded membership so that you can get access to all live videos.

How do I chat with a performer?

There’s nothing complicated about it, and there’s a chat bar that you can enter. You just type what you need and that’s all. But if you want to chat in private, you have to have an upgraded membership.

Is it possible to do voice-to-voice talk with a Jerkmate live model?

This is possible only if the cam model turns on this feature. So, you can have voice-to-voice communication with that model.

I want to leave a chat in Jerkmate. How do I do that?

While chatting, you’ll find a button Disconnect. You just need to click on it. Once you’re disconnected, billing will be calculated on time spent during this communication.

I want a private chat with a model. Can I do that?

There’s a special feature for arranging a chat. There are special time slots for this, ranging from 15 minutes to 60 minutes.

What happens when a Jerkmate performer does not do what I ask?

According to the terms and conditions, you should know that no model is required to do what you ask. But most models are motivated to satisfy your kinks, but you can’t expect them to do what you want. If a model doesn’t want to satisfy you, there’s an option for ending a chat.

I want to cancel my Jerkmate membership. How do I do that?

When getting a premium membership, you’ll have your own account. On your profile page, there’s a section for account settings. There, you can easily delete or cancel your membership. It doesn’t take much time to do so.

Can I get a refund for unused Jerkmate credits?

Alas, the site doesn’t offer any kind of refund for now. Thus, you better use all of your credits so that you won’t lose them.

Does Jerkmate sell your data?

There’s nothing to worry about when it comes to your data protection. The site does its best to protect your data, and you can be sure that your data won’t be sold or shared.

Was Jerkmate hacked in the past?

The good news is that this platform has never been hacked. So, as was mentioned above, there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to the safety of this site.

How precisely does Jerkmate track your location?

It is based on the system, like on the other platforms. It doesn’t track your exact location, but it might track your approximate location.

Do your Jerkmate profile pictures and/or profile information show up in Google Search Results?

Much attention is given to ensuring the complete safety and anonymity of users. Thus, there’s no need to worry about being disclosed on any search engines.

Who can view your pictures on Jerkmate?

Only members of this site can get access to your profile. But your profile can’t be accessed by the members of other platforms.

Is your phone number required for signing up at Jerkmate?

When registering on this site, you don’t have to provide your phone number. You’ll be asked to provide your active email address.

Can you erase your personal data on Jerkmate?

Of course, you can. You can do it by deleting your account, and to do so, you should access the profile settings, where you can find the section for canceling your membership and account. Or you can delete everything by sending an email to the support team of this platform.

How can I delete my Jerkmate account and cancel my subscription?

To do so, you should go to profile settings, and there, you’ll see an option for deleting or canceling your subscription. You should do that before your subscription automatically renews. Don’t forget that you won’t get any refunds if you have credits that you’ve not used at the moment of canceling your subscription.

Can you try Jerkmate for free?

Of course, you can get access to various features for free. You can watch some streams for free. Thus, if you wish, you don’t have to get a premium subscription.

Final thoughts

Are you interested in finding a charming cam girl and enjoying all she does online? When it comes to offering great cam models, it’s hard to find a better site than Jerkmate. It’s considered a top cam platform where you can start watching great shows in seconds. A good internet connection and a desire to satisfy your desire are all that you need.

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