Usasexguide has claimed the reputation of the sex trip companion for those who want to enjoy intimate tourism all across the US when traveling, getting on business trip, or even visiting country for the first time ever. Why has such a community gathered so many same-thinkers you may ask? That’s because conventional tourism becomes boring sooner or later, especially for the single guys who think about maxing out the impressions from the trip. The desire to get into a lusty affair that will not penetrate into one’s life right after the journey ends has united thousands of people who met each other on  In this review, we’ll focus on the credibility of Usa Sex Guide as a local escort service that promises to answer men’s call for sex. If you ever wondered whether this service is legit or worthy of spending time here to find an escort cutie companion, then read our review till the final word to find it out.

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TOP Services

Advertiser Disclosure

Advertiser Disclosure

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  • Tons of sex opportunities across America
  • Diversity of hookup stories and pointers
  • Free to use


  • Clunky and outdated forum design
  • Closed user society unfriendly to newbies
  • Some threads are very outdated

UsaSexGuide Summary

Overall, Usasexguide is a unique forum in many aspects. It professes sex tourism like some sort of cult. Of course, the industry of sex tourism is incresing in volumes every year, so it’s not a surprise that the communities of the experts and novices would gather on the web. Sex trips to the USA can be made so much easier with the help of the websites like this one. Tons of different threads about paid sex locations and possible opportunities are here for you. However, the forum is hard to use because of the old design and tons of scammers who attack inexperienced users. 

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How it works


The service greets you with an old-fashioned front page that resembles a typical community or geek forum from the 90s. However, there is much more to UsaSexGuide than the way it looks. The service has been an escort encyclopedia for hustlers looking for paid sex when having their time across the US. In fact, the forum is unlike other hookup paid services. They do not ask you to pay anything to register and use the extended features. 


If you don’t have an account, the service won’t stop you from reading threads and exploring what the community talks about these days. Unless you want to see images attached by the forum participants, registration isn’t necessary by all means. Viewing photos, you can better understand the escort game around this or that chick attached to one of countless hookup threads. 


In order to enjoy the nude photos of random girls who are ready for paid sex, the first step is to start your UseSexGuide profile by pressing the button in the upper navigation right after the logo. Again, registration doesn’t cost anything and is relatively easy to pass. More on that further in the article.

The whole registration requires to include only several details about you to let you use the profile. Basically, the service will only ask you the following:

  • Registration account type. You can choose between Forum User, Paid Escort, and Free Escort Classified
  • Come up with your unique username
  • Create strong password with capital letters and numbers
  • Select the Time Zone you’re currently in
  • Agree to the rules set by the forum

That’s basically all the details they want from you. Why aren’t there so many of them? This is because Usasexguide isn’t a commercial service in the first place. They do not want to hit you hard with marketing to squeeze more cash out of your pocket.

usa sex guide

It’s important for you to confirm your account via email. There, you’ll find the activation link which will make your account the complete one. Once again, this is required if you want to see the pics of the escort girls other guys upload here, or maybe of girls who do it on their own to attract clients. 


After activation, you can do the following:

  • Post reports about using escort services
  • Send private messages to other members
  • View photos




The audience of the website consists of people from different parts of the world. According to the data from SimilarWeb, the website has the following user footprint based on percentage ratio:

  • United States: 90% 
  • Netherlands: 0.90%
  • Canada: 2.45%
  • Denmark: 1.30%
  • Sweden: 0.80%

You could think that 100% of users should have been from the US, but this isn’t the case with UsaSexGuide because of several reasons. First of all, the number of sex tourists increases annually for several decades so far. It means that foreigners see the US as the land full of sexual opportunities that just waits to be discovered.


Speaking of users’ motivation, most of them register here to find sexual adventures of all kinds. Sex tourism in the US is their primary topic of interest. There are also users who promote escort services here. They can place photos and collect feedback from clients on their profiles or in the threads. Obviously, they have some sort of financial agreement with the forum. The service also promotes other products via affiliate links. You can find all kinds of redirects to the webcam or hookup service from Usasexguide – nothing to be too surprised about. 


usa sex guide

Speaking of pricing, the service is absolutely free to use either with or without registration. One thing that we found on the forum was the specific thread that discusses one thing related to pricing, but that’s all about paid sex services that other users discuss. You’ll see the posts like this one:

Here, other users or escort service representatives write posts about different places where you can get paid sex. In the example above, the user wrote about the Ukrainian escort website with the price net for a different number of hours. Apparently, this is the sales representatives or account manager who wants to promote the escort website on one of the popular paid sex forums in the US. Otherwise, you can hit one of the affiliate links that will redirect you to the websites promoted by Usasexguide. Those could be webcams or hookup services. 


Forum with free registration and community full of paid sex lovers seems like a heaven for scammers and all sorts of abusers. This is why we accent on safety measures to secure your material and psychological well-being. Online romance can turn everyone’s head round and let your attention down. Staying aware that some of the information that you’re going to encounter on the forum is all about catfishing, blackmailing, and stealing your data for future use by third parties. 


Rule number one is to keep your money on your credit card. People who ask you to send them some amount of cash in exchange for something hot and appetizing are 100% fraudsters. Any transactions are restricted if you want to keep your bank account safe and with cash intact. Transactions connected to particular individuals but not affiliate links from the forum might be as dangerous as telling your wife that you’re cheating on her during the next business trip.


Rule number two is to stick to the forum. Scammers tend to lure you to another website or messenger to continue getting over you. That’s because they do not want to endanger their account with spam or fraud reports from other users who realize that they’re being cheated at one moment or another. It’s so much easier for them to deceive you in private messenger than on forums where you are not focused on talking to them.


What is Usasexguide?

Usasexguide is the online forum about escort services for the sex tourists who want to travel across the US and look for some fun.

How much does Usasexguide cost?

The forum doesn’t cost you anything. You can either stick with free membership without profile or register to check the photos displayed by other participants.

Is Usasexguide a Scam?

Yes, there is a serious threat of meeting a scammer on Usasexguide. The service itself won’t steal anything from you, but scammers will definitely do.

Is Usasexguide Safe?

It’s safe to use only if you follow the security rules of online behavior on the services of such nature.

Who owns Usasexguide?

The website is owned by USASG Internet Properties S.A. The company is based in the USA and specializes in different startup ventures.

What security features does Usasexguide have?

Usasexguide has email verification and password recovery. They also have a team of moderators who ban scammers or other reported users.

Does Usasexguide have a mobile app?

No, the service barely has a mobile version at the moment, not speaking about a mobile app.

How do I delete my Usasexguide account?

To delete the account, the best way would be to contact the support team to remove the account for you.


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