Top Married Dating Sites: How and Why do We Evaluate Them?

top affair dating sites

Online dating is skyrocketing in popularity today. There are plenty of international and niche dating sites for people to befriend, seek romance, and start new relationships. Still, there is a particular dating niche that can bring new colors to your married life. It is hookup dating.

At BestAdultHookup, we aim to help you choose your best affair dating website and get maximum pleasure from hookups. What are these sites? What experience can they offer, and why should you choose them carefully? You will get answers to these questions below.

Online dating is skyrocketing in popularity today. There are plenty of international and niche dating sites for people to befriend, seek romance, and start new relationships. Still, there is a particular dating niche that can bring new colors to your married life. It is hookup dating.

At BestAdultHookup, we aim to help you choose your best affair dating website and get maximum pleasure from hookups. What are these sites? What experience can they offer, and why should you choose them carefully? You will get answers to these questions below.

Top 10 Married Dating Sites in 2023

Updated for March 2023
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Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is one of those top married dating sites that don’t need an introduction. In fact, it’s an affair dating site that started the whole married dating craze and gave people a new, discreet place to be unfair to their partners. You may have heard that AshleyMadison has had some security problems, but the service now confidently says it’s a thing of the past. Ashley Madison is constantly working on its security features, so you can use it while knowing your personal data is safe. 

One of the best things about Ashley Madison is its huge audience of men and women who are all looking for the same things: a willing partner who wants a no-strings-attached, casual relationship. Ashley Madison gives you a pretty good chance of getting yourself an affair partner, and that’s what we love about it. Ashley Madison may not be the most budget-friendly affair dating site, but its features and audience more than make up for it.


  • Big and active audience
  • Extensive security features
  • Convenient and contemporary design
  • Mobile app available for both platforms


  • Can be expensive for active users

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VictoriaMilan claims to be the #1 of online dating sites for married people, and judging by the insane number of members, we tend to believe it. With over 7.5 million users around the world, your chances of finding an affair partner are higher than ever. VictoriaMilan is very popular in the affair dating community and has helped numerous people in relationships expand their dating options. It’s also an incredibly secure site that takes the safety of its users more seriously than many other dating sites for married people.

On VictoriaMilan, you can be as anonymous as you want and still land an attractive casual partner. It has been active in the affair dating community for over 10 years and it would have never survived that long if it wasn’t committed to providing the highest quality of service to its users. VictoriaMilan is not exactly a cheap site to use, but if you are focused on building a perfect casual relationship, then it’s one of the best investments you can make.


  • Over 7 million members all over the world
  • Genuine and active profiles of women
  • Mobile app available for both platforms
  • Secure and confidential site


  • No social media sign-in allowed

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BeNaughty is one of those discreet online dating sites that doesn’t put an emphasis on affairs but you still know that it’s not your regular dating service. BeNaughty is designed for people who want to have an affair, whether they are single or currently attached to someone. That is why the atmosphere of the site is very relaxed and definitely naughty, living up to its name. BeNaughty is part of a popular and trusted network of dating sites for all kinds of audiences, so you already have one more reason to give it a try.

An important thing to know about BeNaughty is that this site is perfectly safe for work. No nudity or porn is allowed in profile pictures, so you can safely browse BeNaughty on your morning commute. BeNaughty does not offer a lot of communication features, but you may not need them to search for a casual partner.


  • Big audience of genuine members
  • Modern and SFW design
  • Flexible membership options
  • Solid reputation in the dating industry


  • App is only available for Android

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AdultFriendFinder is one of the oldest discreet dating sites to have ever existed. With 25 years of experience in the casual dating industry, there are lots of reasons to give AdultFriendFinder a try. It’s part of a reputable network of dating services, so if the design and functionality of AdultFriendFinder seem familiar to you, it’s definitely not a coincidence. An interesting thing about AdultFriendFinder is that you can never tell that it’s over 20 years old because the site regularly upgrades and improves itself to create a better user experience.

AdultFriendFinder is also one of the most open affair dating sites we’ve ever reviewed. You can join it as a single person looking for a partner of the opposite or same-sex, a married or attached person looking for a discreet affair, or even a couple that wants to spice things up. The vibe of AdultFriendFinder is very casual and open and there are all kinds of people you can meet there.


  • Member of a trusted dating site family
  • Millions of real users from around the world
  • Registration is open to everyone
  • App is available for both platforms


  • The membership can be expensive

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There are two most important things to know about Gleeden. One, it’s one of the few affair dating sites that are created specifically for people in relationships or marriages. Two, it’s far more classy than most of the married dating sites you can find today. Gleeden has been around for more than a decade and occupied a very special niche in the affair dating industry. With over 7 million members worldwide and excellent reviews from people who found their perfect casual partner through the site, Gleeden is definitely a service to check out. 

Gleeden is absolutely free form women. Men can join and browse the site for free, but they will need credits if they want to communicate with other members or perform other actions. In our opinion, the credit system is superior to membership as it allows you to only pay for the features you use. Together with the eye-catching design and great security features, Gleeden is definitely a force to be reckoned with.


  • Over 7 million active members
  • Profile verification system
  • Flexible payments with credits
  • Mobile app is available for both platforms


  • No live support on the site

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If you’re currently looking through every married dating sites review trying to find the most open and unrestrictive one, you will probably end up on AffairAlert sooner or later. This is a site that was created specifically for married people and users in committed relationships that are not getting what they need and need to get it outside of their partnership. In case that’s what you’re looking for, you can’t go wrong with AffairAlert. However, the site is open to all kinds of users: even if you are single and want to find an attached partner, you can do it right here.

AffairAlert may not have as many users as some of the other affair dating sites we’ve reviewed, but it makes up for it with the quality of the audience. Most of the people we saw on the site looked absolutely real and the success record of AffairAlert compared to other married dating sites reviews speaks for itself.


  • Easy and quick registration
  • Users are real and active
  • 3-day trial is available
  • Extensive search options;


  • Mobile apps are not available

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The name HeatedAffairs already tells you a lot of the things you should know about this service. It’s one of the best discreet dating sites for people who are married or in long-term relationships but want to spice things up for themselves. HeatedAffairs belongs to a famous network of dating sites, so any qualms you may have about its security and legitimacy should disappear when you remember that over 50 million people are devoted fans of that network.

HeatedAffairs is open to anyone and does not restrict access to the site to any category of users. You can join the service as an individual or as a couple and look for partners of the same sex, opposite sex, and so on. HeatedAffairs is also known for its outstanding security features and its incredibly detailed search mechanism that allows you to search for partners using all kinds of criteria you can imagine.


  • Solid reputation of the site and its founding company
  • Great safety features
  • Millions of active and genuine users
  • Lots of contact options to choose from


  • No trial version for a Gold membership

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If the name HornyAffairs doesn’t inspire you to look for your first-ever affair partner, we don’t know what will. It’s honestly a great name for a married dating site, and what’s even better is that it totally lives up to the name. The people joining the site are surely horny and a steamy but casual affair is exactly what most of them want. HornyAffairs is free to join and to browse, but you will need a paid membership if you want to access its communication features.

On HornyAffairs, you can find people from all walks of life looking for the same thing. So you can message an attractive woman and expect her to be totally down for whatever you have in mind. The site does not verify its users, but it allows you to report any suspicious activity and contact customer support whenever you have safety concerns.


  • You can browse the profiles even as a guest
  • Millions of attractive people to meet
  • Strong reputation in the community
  • Not overcrowded with features


  • Mobile app is not available

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You may have come across your fair share of misleading affair dating sites, but MaritalAffair is not one of them. It’s a website designed for one specific purpose: to help people in committed relationships or marriage find a person for a steamy, casual affair. MaritalAffair does for you exactly what its name suggests. It has been around since 1996 and has helped connect thousands of lonely hearts. There aren’t as many users on MaritalAffair as there are on some of the best dating sites for married people, but there are still plenty of people for you to meet.

After a quick and easy registration, you will get your own profile and an opportunity to see the members of the site. You can search for people using the most specific search queries or keep your options more open. To be a serious MaritalAffair user, you will need to purchase a paid membership.


  • Trusted affair dating site
  • Diverse and active database of members
  • Extensive search options available
  • A paid membership is not required right away


  • There are no mobile apps for either platform

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FreeHookupAffair is one of those married dating sites that are nowhere near the popularity level of the most famous services in this niche but still enjoy a following from loyal fans. FreeHookupAffair can be a confusing name: the Hookup and Affair parts are definitely true, but the Free part can be misleading. You can register on the site without paying anything, but you will need a rather pricey membership if you want to continue using FreeHookupAffair.

Other than a little misunderstanding regarding the prices, we had no problem with FreeHookupAffair. Sure, the design of the site could use a little upgrade and we are not entirely convinced that all of the members there are genuine. However, the site has lots of additional content to enjoy, which means you are unlikely to get bored or stay dissatisfied with your FreeHookupAffair experience.


  • Sex-positive atmosphere of the website
  • Lots of attractive users in every location
  • Mobile version of the site is nearly as good as the desktop one
  • Additional content to enjoy


  • Unclear membership policies

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Online Dating Sites for Married People: What are They?

On regular dating sites, you will meet single or divorced people who seek either relationships or marriage, for the most part. How do affair dating sites differ from them? Affair sites differ from regular dating platforms in the following ways:

  • Hookup agencies provide a communication environment for married people. Thus, you will meet couples who want to enrich their sexual lives or men and women thirsty for spicy extramarital romances.
  • Adult content prevails on these platforms. Thus, browsing member profiles, you will see plenty of hot pictures and videos.
  • People on these platforms meet to bring their sexual fantasies into reality.

Thus, married dating sites serve as a perfect environment for people who want to get laid quickly, with no strings attached. What benefits can you get from using such sites? Check them below:

Benefits of Using Discreet Online Dating Sites

1. You will Find Like-Minded People Pretty Fast

How many people on regular dating sites want to get intimate right away? The US statistics reveal that only 33% of women don’t mind having sex on the first online date. Thus, more than 60% of people on regular online dating sites want to meet a partner, not just get laid. What about guys and girls who register on dating sites specifically for one-night stands? The truth is that they choose specialized adult hookup sites instead of regular dating platforms.

Besides, your marriage becomes an invincible obstacle for many people on regular dating sites. But it’s no longer a barrier on a hookup website.

Thus, 100% of people on married dating sites seek quick sex. They don’t mind making love with married people. Therefore, by registering on a discreet affair website, you will find a partner with the same views and desires in a split second.

Therefore, getting to the married dating site will save lots of your time if you search for one-night stands.

2. You Can Choose from Thousands of Users

On discreet dating sites, you will have an enormous choice. These websites allow you to be as picky as you can with thousands of search results.

Thus, on high-quality discreet websites, you can filter users by body composition, sexual preferences, race, hair and eye color, etc.

3. Discreet Online Dating is Anonymous

Social media and regular dating sites require you to share too much of your personal data. Lots of these platforms require your name, phone number, two-step authentication, and more. On the contrary, the best affair dating sites don’t even need to know your name or store your payment information on their servers. Besides, they offer lots of privacy settings so that you can decide who can view your profile.

Finally, top married dating sites exclude user profiles from search engines to prevent unregistered users from browsing them. All these features allow you to stay anonymous and keep your affair discreet. Nobody will spot your profile on the internet.

4. You will Make Your Dreams Come True

What if you dream of embracing a hot redhead with an exuberant bust and magnificent booty? Or, what if white-chocolate mulatto girls blow your mind? Finding all these beauties is no longer a challenge if you register on the best married dating website.

All in all, a married dating site is a chance for you to make all things in the bed that you can’t do with your spouse real. Sometimes, every man needs change in his sexual life. Thus, a discreet affair platform is a chance for him to fulfill his sexual needs.

best affair dating sites

Why Choose Affair Dating Sites?

There are plenty of reasons why people choose married dating websites. Some people want diversity and passion, while some desperately seek emotional warmth and intimacy beyond their relationship. Thus, this experience might become your rescue and even save your relationship. Here are the most common reasons why married people choose hookup sites:

1. There is a Mismatch in Your Preferences

Let’s be honest: sometimes you don’t feel satisfied with your partner. Statistically, men have a stronger sex drive than women. Researchers have revealed that nearly 90% of men think of sex more than two times a week. As for women, only 50% of ladies feel desire as often as men. Thus, experiencing a lack of sex is a real problem for half of the men on earth. No wonder that couples split up due to this.

Others fulfill their needs with someone else who irradiates the same passion and wants to share the pleasure. Having sex is the cheapest delight you can get. Then, why should you deprive yourself of it? Life is short. Therefore, it’s better to pull yourself and do things if you want to make your life brighter.

Mismatch in sexual preference between spouses is another reason why they start searching for hookups online. For instance, you want to experiment, bring some role-playing or even a bit of BDSM. But for your spouse, the man-on-top position will always remain the upper limit of your sexual life. Or, your spouse has “headaches.” Many people eventually get into discreet online dating because they feel tired of life with never-ending limitations.

2. Lack of Communication

Misunderstanding kills relationships and feelings. It provokes people to search for someone who will listen to them open-mouthed, give them attention, and tell stories. Is there any way to fix your relationship? If you are reading this text, you have probably tried many things, but nothing has worked. Now, you find an escape in discreet dating. Nobody should judge you for this, and we shouldn’t either. If it’s your choice, we will guide you through this journey to help you enjoy your affair experience to the fullest.

3. No Way to Leave

Your feelings are already dead, and nothing can bring them to life. Getting divorced is the only wise solution. At first sight. In reality, married people may have dozens of reasons for living together but having no emotional connection anymore. For instance, they decided to live together not to traumatize their children. Indeed, divorce is harrowing not only for the couple but for their children as well. A kid deserves to have both dad and mom taking care of them.

Some married people fulfill their emotional and sexual needs beyond marriage because they feel afraid to step towards divorce. It is much more comfortable for them than dividing possessions in the courtroom. As a result, in such marriages, both spouses may have lovers.

4. Boredom

After ten years of marriage, you may lose the desire for your spouse. You may preserve friendly relationships but no longer arouse each other. It is another reason for so many married people seeking extramarital affairs.

5. Desire to Experiment

Some discreet dating site users are married couples who want to find a person for a threesome. Indeed, if you’re going to bring more action to your sexual life, such platforms will become an ideal spot for making your fantasies real. It doesn’t matter whether you are searching for the third element to complement your bed union or want someone to invite you. On married dating sites, you can fulfill all your wishes.

top married dating sites

Why Read Married Dating Sites Reviews?

Sure, you want to register on the best married dating sites, enjoy a seamless experience and meet many people. Still, getting to a random platform is not the best approach. There are several risks if using a low-quality or, even worse, fraudulent dating site. Here they are:

You Risk Losing Your Money

You may waste your money for nothing while getting to the wrong dating site. What if it requires your money during registration? You have no idea about its features, security policies, and quality of profiles. You are forced to buy a pig in a poke. Once you go through the paid registration, the site may turn out to be complete garbage. Furthermore, your subscription might appear to be non-refundable, and you are left with a charge on your bank account.

You Risk Wasting Time

An affair site might be so inconvenient that you won’t pick up anyone on it. Also, getting laid may be impossible because your dating site doesn’t offer many communication features or has fantasy profiles. Because of this, you won’t find real people. As a result, you will waste your nerves, time, and cash.

That’s why it is crucial to read dating sites reviews before registering on any platform.

How We Examine Best Discreet Dating Sites

We understand your concerns. That’s why our team aims to deliver the most comprehensive married dating site guides to you. We want your dating experience to be engaging, enjoyable, and most importantly, secure. Due to this, we review every aspect of a dating service, including:

Online Reputation

We know that some dating services inflate their reputation by posting fake reviews and deleting genuine ones. We understand that online reputation might not be the ultimate factor when giving the final verdict to an affair dating site.

At the same time, we do understand that online reputation should be considered. Thus, it allows us to make an unbiased conclusion on a dating platform. Besides, how a dating site deals with reviews may tell a lot of its reliability and policies. How do we analyze online reputation? We use a set of analytical and data collection tools to process dating reviews, filter fake ones, and consider the real ones.

We examine forums, review platforms, social media, and other places where people can share their opinions about a particular married dating site.

Safety Measures

How reliable is a discreet affair platform? Will it steal your payment data? We give answers to these questions in our affair dating site reviews. We know that safety is crucial in online dating. If you get to the fraudulent platform, you won’t have a chance to redeem your money, for the most part. That’s why we aim at informing you of the possible pitfalls of using a particular married dating platform.

How do we check safety measures? First, our security experts examine dating sites for vulnerabilities. We check whether a website:

  • Features SSL protection.
  • Has a reliable and secure web host.
  • Is free of malware.

We also check whether a dating agency has any records related to data leaks. Apart from that, our team evaluates fraud prevention measures. We examine whether a discreet dating agency reviews profiles and bans malicious activities on its platform.

Audience Parameters

You want to browse thousands of dating profiles. Otherwise, paying for the dating subscription is pointless. We know this like nobody else. That’s why our team examines each married dating site’s audience.

First, we determine the real number of registered users available to you in the website search. Then, we check whether this number matches the agency’s claims. Afterward, we analyze audience quality. We check the site for fake profiles, fantasy accounts, chatbots, etc. After gathering the data, we display all our findings in our reviews.

Communication Features

Best dating sites for married people offer plenty of available communication options. Indeed, you will want to exchange text messages, photos, videos, stickers, voice and video messages, etc. Thus, we also consider chat functionality when selecting the best dating sites for married people. As a result, we choose only websites with diverse communication channels.

Entertainment Features

For many people, chatting alone might become tiring. That’s why the leading dating sites for married people incorporate entertainment options, such as:

  • Adult videos.
  • Group chats.
  • Video streaming.
  • Mini-games.
  • And more.

We consider these features when creating each of our married dating sites review.

Customer Service

The reliable customer support department is an inseparable part of the best dating service. A dating agency must provide you with instant support and resolve burning issues if they occur. That’s why we check how fast the customer support team processes requests and how efficient it is. We also consider communication channels and prioritize dating services where you can contact the customer service team via email, live chat, and phone.

Usability and Design

We understand that an intuitive and functional interface plays a significant role in customer satisfaction. Due to this, we evaluate each website’s design, reveal the pros and cons of its dashboard interface, and display our findings in our reviews. Thus, we aim at selecting hookup platforms where you can manage a highly customizable profile and have all settings at hand.

Also, we examine each service’s mobile features. Can you access the platform on your phone? Is there a mobile application? We give answers to these questions and form our dating site ratings according to mobile experience quality.

Pricing Policies

You don’t want a dating site to squeeze your dry, do you? We aim to inform you about each dating platform’s pricing policies to let you select from the most beneficial options.

We believe there must be a fair ratio between quality and price. Therefore, we include comprehensive info about affair sites’ prices, payment options, discounts, fees, etc., in our reviews.

Bring Your Hottest Fantasies to Reality

Now you know that adult hookup websites can become your window to captivating experiences, great emotions, and ultimate pleasure. Since you already know that your hookup experience depends on the dating site’s quality, you can check our reviews to choose your best dating platform. Thus, hesitate no more and bring your hottest fantasies to reality!


Why Should I Use BestAdultHookup to Choose an Affair Dating Site?

It is crucial to make sure a dating website is safe, reliable, functional, and offers services at an affordable price. We, at BestAdultHookup, aim to help you choose the best dating platform that has all the features listed above and meet your casual partner safely.

How Can I Check Whether the Affair Website I Use Regularly is Safe?

It is not complicated to check whether your affair dating website is safe. You can do the following things:

  • Check the site’s SSL certificate and digital security badge.
  • Check reviews on the web.
  • Carefully read the terms and conditions page.

Nonetheless, it is always better to address review services. Thus, you can check whether your site is reviewed by our expert team.

Do Affair Dating Sites Really Work?

There is no guarantee that you will hookup on a married dating platform. It is because your success depends on plenty of factors. For the most part, it depends on your actions. Still, you will have higher chances of meeting a casual partner on the leading affair dating platforms.

What Should I Do to Have a Safe Affair?

To have a safe affair, follow these key pieces of advice:

  • Select a safe dating platform.
  • Don’t give money to anyone on a dating website until you meet them in person.
  • Ask for pictures and use video chats to make sure you speak to a real person.
  • Meet your casual partner in a safe public place on the first date.
  • Don’t publish sensitive information on your profile.

Can I Ask BestAdultHookup for Legal Assistance If I Suffer from Fraudulent Married Dating Websites?

We cannot provide you with legal assistance since we don’t operate any affair dating platforms. However, we can provide you with comprehensive guides on married dating sites to help you decide on your best platform.

What Affair Site’s Terms of Use Sections Should I Read First?

You should pay attention to privacy and pricing policies first. You need to know what information a website collects and what will happen after purchasing the subscription/accepting the trial. Thus, check whether a dating site shares your info with third parties, stores your payment data, has access to your chats, etc. As for payments, you need to know the trial period time frames and whether your money is refundable.

What does BestAdultHookup Aim At?

BestAdultHookup aims at helping people bear fruit in the married dating niche. We will help you select the best dating platform, find a partner, and fulfill your desires with our affair dating site reviews.

Does Using BestAdultHookup Cost Anything?

BestAdultHookup is entirely free. We don’t charge anything for dating reviews, insights, and dating advice. Our team does its best to deliver the most comprehensive dating reviews to you for free.

Does My Personal Information Stay Secure When I Use Dating Sites?

Reputable affair dating agencies apply plenty of safety measures to keep their users’ private data secure. At the same time, there is no guarantee that a particular dating site meets digital security standards. That’s why your data’s safety is your responsibility too. You have to think twice about what information you want or agree to share.

Mona Smith

Mona Smith

Mona Smith is a certified dating coach and editor at BestAdultHookup with over ten years of experience. Mona has a degree in family science and knows the ropes of establishing a healthy relationship from A to Z. At BestAdultHookup, she shares time-proven advice for making your relationship a match made in heaven.