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WannaHookUp is a very mixed website that can shock you on your first visit. It meets you from the honest disclaimer. This place is full of nude girls and nude guys. Prepare to get laid as fast as you find a partner. And it can shock you because many dating sites mimic shy platforms, which are about romance, searching for a crush for an entire life, pink bubbles, and other things. They're striving to intrigue you. And WannaHookUp not!

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Advertiser Disclosure

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  • Clear offer.
  • Here you may not find any shy girls. All know why they are here.
  • Convenient location filter.
  • All ages from teen to MILFS.
  • Sign in with your Google account.
  • All offers, prices, and settings are possible without signing in.


  • A bit expensive. The message cost is about $2.5 each.
  • No mobile application.

Ok, There are two types of dating websites. Some of them are about searching for a crush for a serious relationship, with all those flowers, candies, sweet women, incredible chat, interesting dialogues, and marriage as a result. To learn about others, read this WannaHookUp review, and you’ll decide what you need.

All we can do for you is create a preview with a table of contents, so from this review, you’ll find:

  1. What’s the main difference between Wanna Hook Up and other adult dating sites?
  2. Why is it better than the cam or porn adult industry?
  3. Why do not all love hookups and leave many negative comments for all platforms?
  4. Is it worth your time, money, and attention at all?

Also, you’ll learn the following:

  1. Are there any alternatives to this site, which are better, or offer you something close to WannaHookUp?
  2. How to use online dating sites without the aftermath?
  3. Is this industry fully legit?
  4. What about the interface, prices, pros, cons, contacting support, and other essential functions?

FAQ… Conclusion… End! Spend a few minutes reading this review, and never go to other online dating websites. Are you ready to start chatting right now? Let’s go!


This dating website is maximally fair. It’s not oriented toward severe relationships, only for random hookups. It’s good and bad at the same time. On the one hand, you can satisfy all your dirty fantasies with the Milf members. On the other hand, if you are looking for friends or relationships, you might be in the wrong place!

Not all girls here are honest, and some look only for sponsors. You will get a mixed impression if you combine it with a few expensive chatting possibilities.

Impressions of this dating website — what do you know about WannaHookUp?

If you are looking for a chatting routine, you might be in the wrong place. But if you are looking for a fast hookup, you are in the right place! 

When you pass through your first shock about the online world, full of lusty people, you have to decide which way you will register at the site:

  1. By your google account.
  2. Or by another email service.

Before you make this decision, you can read all the offers and all the pros and cons right from the official site. The clarity of their rules is the most significant advantage!

The reason is that only a few sites show you all their hidden tricks, rules, prices, and other things at the start. As usual, they hide them until you register. And only then do they shock you with all the rules and prices. This dating website is much more evident here. So you can read all the exciting information before you join the community!

And then you’ll decide to spend your time on this internet portal. You’ll find what here:

  1. World collection of best chicks.
  2. You can find a partner for your adventures wherever you’ve been.
  3. You can contact girls who are live near you.
  4. Most of them put their nude photos right on their profile.
  5. Every day new people connect to this area!

And it’s just the tip of the iceberg, which is much more interesting below! 

Fake accounts? It can’t be!

It’s sad to conclude, but each site is full of fake accounts. And it’s a pandemic for all online dating websites. It doesn’t matter if they are oriented toward hookups or searching for a crush. Scammers use fake accounts to steal money, force your activity, and get fun.

We can’t understand all the reasons why fake guys create fake profiles, but it’s a sad reality. And this dating website is not an exception.

But they’re good news for you. You can match fake profiles and send them to the administration. As usual, support is trying to block all bogus profiles in ASAP mode.

It’s not a salvation, but it’s a possibility to make the searching process a bit easier, and the less time you see fake chicks, the more chance you’ll get laid tonight!

Prices — Miserable thing


This perfect site can only be with fake reviews and a massive base of users without any disadvantages. Quality has to be paid. And the fly in the ointment is that there is no subscription model… At all!

But WannaHookUp is not a free site. Here you pay for each message or reaction you want to send a girl.

Each message costs about 100 credits. And you have to pay these credits instantly. So you must remember your chat habits with small messages or sending just emoticons.

Of course, one emoticon/reaction/flirt will cost you about 50 credits. Сheaper if you compare it with messages, but we advise you to spend your credits rationally because the pack of 1250 credits costs $40. $39.95 to be accurate. And the multitude of 17500 credits will cost you $400. And again, $399.95, to be accurate.

So each message will cost you from $2 to $3. The final price depends on the number of credits you bought. 

But on the other hand you:

  1. Can receive messages completely free.
  2. Can view the complete profile of each partner for free.
  3. Can receive nudes.
  4. Can send images.
  5. You can strive to catch contact data to continue your date in more intimacies. 

So it’s still not a scam, but the price could be fairer than now.

Interface — Antipode of convenience?  

The internet is full of customers’ comments about inconvenient interfaces. And there’s a part of the truth. The interface of this site is a bit ‘Old-fashioned.’ But are there any reasons why the site owners didn’t modernize it?

Yup — and the main reason is adaptivity and optimization. By using an old-fashioned interface, the site cuts your traffic exploration. What does it mean? Simple means that you can view, search and use this site with a slow speed internet, like 2G or less.

You can test your access with slow internet. And if you are on a long journey far away from home, the WannaHookUp will work wherever you’ve been!

But what about convenience? It’s just a part of habits. The more you spend time on online dating websites, the more details will become usual!

What about mobile applications?

As you found before, WannaHookup is not an ideal site. And many customer reviews confirm this. And one of the most significant disadvantages of this hookup platform is that it hasn’t any mobile apps.

But is the existence of mobile apps a real disadvantage for a platform? The site’s mobile interface may be perfectly optimized for visiting it right from your browser.

Why is visiting a site from your mobile browser so much better than installing an app?

First and primal — it’s much safer. You don’t have to install anything, and it decreases the chance of getting scams on your phone.

Secondly, it helps you to save your anonymity. Because if somebody takes your phone, he can’t find anything suspicious on your phone.

Thirdly, without a mobile app, you can visit the site from any device you want.

So as you see, this disadvantage is a considerable power, which saves you from scams, helps you to keep your incognito status, and is still convenient to use! 

How to find here a partner for a serious relationship

find here a partner for a serious relationship

Ok, you can find a person who is more about severe relationships than hookups here. But do you believe people registered at the same hookup site are looking for relationships with other members? 

It is better to search for them at another place. Also, searching for them at another location will be much cheaper. Remember what its message costs about $3, and you need thousands of them to decide if this person is about a relationship or sex adventures?

Registration process — Simpler than you thought!

Registration process

The joining process is maximally simple. First, you can choose a way of registration. We can’t recommend you use your Gmail, but if you want to get push notifications from each message to your phone by mail, it will be convenient.

So what do you need to register there? Pass through 3 simple steps:

  1. Register account.
  2. Create a profile.
  3. Refill a balance of credits.

Registering an account

To register your account, you need the following:

  1. Come up with a nickname.
  2. Put your email information.
  3. Create a password.

Then pass through age confirmation, rule confirmation, and email confirmation. Ok, now you are the user of this perfect platform for dating.

Creating a profile

It’s the most challenging part because it requires your imagination. Then, when you finish creating your account, you have to refill all the required fields for your profile.

Why? Because nobody wants to get laid with an empty account. They’re expected to learn more about your personality.

So here you need to:

  1. Leave your basic information. Like a name, age, and gender.
  2. Leave your preferences in sexual activities.
  3. Leave your location.
  4. Upload a photo.
  5. Be ready to start chatting.

These minimal requirements allow you to start your unimaginable journey to a world full of dates. You will manage your dates and choose between at least three beautiful crushes!

Refilling a balance of credits

When your profile is created, there’s only one step left: refilling the balance for credits. The site allows you to attach a credit card or buy a pack of credits.

The bigger pack you’d buy, the cheaper it was. But if you attach your credit card for instant payment, it will be more convenient to continue a chat with your potential crush. 

FAQ — Helpful info to start!

What is WannaHookUp?

WannaHookUp is a maximally straightforward online dating platform that allows you to catch a chick as fast as you need, wherever you’ve been, whenever you’d want!

Who owns WannaHookUp?

TRF Networks Co. They invented, developed, and supported the WannaHookup platform from the start to our days!

How can I contact WannaHookUp?

If you need to contact the support of this platform, you can leave an email request on the main page. All you need is to scroll your site to a footer and find a ‘Contact us’ button. That’s all!

Is WannaHookUp real?

Yes! It’s an online site with advantages and disadvantages. And the exciting fact is that you can visit it for free!

Is WannaHookUp legit?

WannaHookUp provides you with only accepted content. All users are older than 18 years old. There’s nothing prohibited. WannaHookUp is not a slut provider.

Is WannaHookUp a scam or fake?

This dating website is not fake, but some girls’ accounts are scams. You can send information about suspicious reports to administrations, and they’ll check it or block if it is fake or a scam!

What are WannaHookUp alternatives?

There is no worthy alternative to WannaHookUp. But if you are interested in our recommendations, you can focus on some areas below!

Ashley Madison — if you are looking for a fling!

We need an example to assure you that WannaHookUp is the best. There’s one excellent site, usually on top of each rating. We mean Ashley Madison. The site for a fling. But…

This site is not secure. There were scandals about scammers stealing databases, breaking many families, and destroying an endless list of users’ relationships. Do you need this risk instead of a fully secure online dating site? 

OneNightFriend — one of the best online dating sites

OneNightFriend is another not-a-bad platform for online dating. Instead of WannaHookUp, it gives you similar opportunities to fling and form serious relationships. It can be better for you. If you are interested in regular online dating, choose it!


Let’s summarize all the information about Wannahook as it is one of the greatest sites, which gives you the possibility of getting laid faster than in three months!

  1. It’s a worthy site full of girls and boys looking for sexual adventures.
  2. Not all accounts are accurate.
  3. All that goes here is fully legit.
  4. It will be a little more expensive than you expected.
  5. It doesn’t have a mobile application but has perfect optimization.
  6. It’s more about sexual adventures than about relationships.

The business model is transparent without tricks. The database is enormous. At least, this is only one platform, which doesn’t require your subscription, and you can spend as much time as you want to test and decide about the quality of this dating website!

Mona Smith

Mona Smith

Mona Smith is a certified dating coach and editor at BestAdultHookup with over ten years of experience. Mona has a degree in family science and knows the ropes of establishing a healthy relationship from A to Z. At BestAdultHookup, she shares time-proven advice for making your relationship a match made in heaven.

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