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BuddyGays is one of the quite average gay hookup sites out there. It’s registered In Malta, provides hookup and dating services worldwide, and delivers a fair combination of quality and price. At the same time, it has much lower traffic compared to other dating websites. BuddyGays has plenty of advantages, though, but some downsides don’t let it stand among the best gay hookup sites.

BuddyGays Review

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  • High-quality profiles
  • A superlative Desktop design
  • High-end mobile experience


  • High prices
  • A controversial privacy policy
  • Little traffic

BuddyGays Summary

BuddyGays can become a viable option for seeking a long-lasting relationship, casual romance, or marriage. It has some flaws, such as higher-than-average prices or a controversial privacy policy that doesn’t let us put this service among the best gay websites. At the same time, BuddyGays offers a safe environment, perfect Desktop and mobile design, and, most importantly, a broad audience with high-quality profiles. Thus, you can find a partner with minimum effort on this site.

An Overview of BuddyGays Registration Process

BuddyGays features a straightforward and minimalistic homepage. Once you visit the site, you will notice a simple registration menu. The platform doesn’t offer a website search for unregistered users, so you can’t preview some dating profiles. To gain full access to the service, you need to create an account. Fortunately, registration takes only a few steps:

  1. Visit the homepage and fill out a registration menu. BuddyGays is an exclusive platform for men. That’s why you can create only a male profile. You need to include your age, valid email and create a password for your account. The good thing is that its registration form requires minimum personal information.
  2. Once you fill out the sign-up form, press the Join Now button.
  3. Confirm your registration and proceed to your dashboard.

All in all, the BuddyGays sign-up process is quite pleasant. You can set up an account in less than a minute. Additionally, you don’t need to go through a lengthy profile completion process during registration. Instead, you can fill out your dating profile whenever you want. So what features does BuddyGays dashboard have? Is it convenient and intuitive? Check this out below.

Design Specifics and Features of BuddyGays Dashboard

The BuddyGays dashboard brings an intuitive and convenient interface. Thus, an expandable account management menu, a search menu, and statistics are displayed in the header. In the center, you have a scrollable profile feed. You can also scroll down the page and press the Show More Profiles button to load more dating profiles. As you can see, the dashboard is super simple.


buddygays review



Nonetheless, you will notice annoying ads popping out every minute, which is super inconvenient. Also, BuddyGays features some advertisements in the profile feed.

However, you can disable advertising by purchasing a premium subscription. Thus, the popping ads will cause inconveniences for quite a short time. It’s because a free plan is as limited as possible, allowing you only to set up your profile and use basic search.

Thus, you will probably switch to the premium membership as soon as possible anyway. What profile management and search options do you have then? Read further to find them out.

An Overview of BuddyGay Profile Management Menu

You want to upload a couple of stunning pictures and write an engaging self-description. For this, you need to locate the profile management section in the expandable account menu in the upper bar.


buddygays review


After that, you will proceed to the profile editing menu. Surprisingly, it doesn’t allow you to write about your lovely personality, hobbies, or anything aside from basic information like age, body type, etc.

While other sites offer so many profile editing features that you can spend half an hour completing them, BuddyGays has only the following profile info sections:

  • Personal Info. Here, you can indicate some physical features.
  • Photos and Videos. In this section, you can upload visual content.
  • Status. It allows you to share something you think about (limited to 140 characters).
  • Looking for. Here, you can set some filters for guys you want to meet.
  • Additional info. It’s a short questionnaire about your habits, education, body modifications (piercings, tattoos), etc.

As for photos and videos, you should meet several requirements regarding uploads. Here they are:

  • Picture resolution no smaller than 480 x 480 px.
  • Images up to 12 MB in size.
  • Png, jpeg, jpg formats only.
  • Videos up to 300 MB in size.
  • Up to 6 videos, up to 2 minutes long.
  • Any video longer than 120 seconds will be automatically cut.

Aside from that, you have to follow these content requirements:

  • Show only yourself.
  • No children, celebrities, personal details, other people than you, offensive language and gestures, violence.

All your videos and photos will pass moderation if you follow these requirements.

So BuddyGays features fewer profile info sections than other dating platforms. Due to this, you might get a limited understanding of a person before visiting his profile. It’s worth mentioning that 80% of people don’t bother completing lengthy profiles. That’s why you won’t notice much difference between BuddyGays and any other dating site regarding profile descriptiveness. What about website search then? Is it as limited as the profile editing menu? We will uncover this in the next paragraph.

Setting Website Search Filters on BuddyGays

BuddyGays website search has a few parameters:

  • Tribe.
  • Age.
  • Location.
  • With photos/videos.
  • Body type, ethnicity, hair color, eye color, tattoos, piercings, and orientation (homo or bisexual).

To use the website search, choose the criteria and press the Find/Apply Filters button.


buddygays review


Is the website search effective? The system displays guys with matching profile information. Thus, you might not find too many people if you apply too many filters.

Given that, a guy, who might become your significant other, belongs to a particular tribe or has magnificent turquoise eyes. But you won’t see him on the search results page because he hasn’t indicated this information. In this case, it’s better to apply only two-three filers at a time.

Reviewing the BuddyGays Messenger

It’s worth saying that BuddyGays chat offers plenty of functions. Thus, it keeps up with the leading dating platforms and social network messengers. So here are the chat features you can benefit from:

  • Smiles.
  • Photos and videos.
  • Video calls.

Additionally, you can block and report suspicious users in one click. Just expand the menu on the right and choose your option.


buddygays review


Benefits of BuddyGays Like Gallery

The Like Gallery feature is a mini-game that works in the following way: the system shows you profile photos. You can accept or dismiss them. Once you like someone, he receives a notification. This way, you can get a match in a few clicks. The guys who liked you appear in the Matches section.


buddygays review


Can You Install BuddyGays on Your Mobile Device?

BuddyGays provides a mobile site only. No mobile application has been issued so far. Nonetheless, a mobile site is so optimized and adapted to mobile screens that you won’t differentiate it from a mobile application. Thus, you can expect a top-level mobile experience.

Besides, the mobile site stores cookies, so you don’t need to log in each time you access it via your browser. Most importantly, BuddyGays mobile site supports all Desktop features, so you won’t compromise functionality while accessing the service via your smartphone or tablet. All in all, BuddyGays offers smooth and seamless mobile services similar to the Desktop version.

Can You Get Instant Answers from BuddyGays Customer Support Team?

What if you have some technical issues or can’t grasp how particular website features work? To get help, you can locate the support section in the account management menu. From there, you can contact the support team or search for FAQs.


In general, the FAQ section is quite helpful and informative. But we can’t say the same thing about the customer support team on BuddyGays. You can expect to get an answer within 24 hours, which is too slow. Still, you can use a free helpline for billing support. To conclude our BuddyGays customer service overview, we can say it’s average. Thus, don’t expect anything extraordinary. If possible, learn how the site works or search for answers in BuddyGays reviews, and address the associated forums yourself.

BuddyGays Community: How Extensive It Is?

BuddyGays is a niche platform with pretty modest traffic: only 7,000 people visit this site monthly. So how many guys have profiles on BuddyGays? New men come to this platform from time to time, and you can browse at least a couple thousand profiles, which is pretty enough to find a friend, a partner, or even marry someone. Note that most gays meet each other on social networks or dating sites, so you have a pretty high chance to succeed on BuddyGays.

Besides that, most guys are super responsive and active. They view each other’s profiles, like each other, etc. Given that, meeting someone is just a matter of time.

Finally, the guys complete their profiles and display lovely pics. Most of them are very sweet and stylish.


buddygays review


Membership Prices and Discounts on BuddyGays

BuddyGays offers two membership types: basic and premium. The premium subscription allows you to benefit from the following features:

  • Unlimited messages and video calls.
  • Shared photos and videos.
  • The Looking For info in user profiles
  • Unlimited search results.
  • Full-size profile photo views.
  • Dedicated customer support.

As for prices, you can choose from these flexible options:

  • $0.99 per day.
  • $10 per week.
  • $42.78 per month.
  • $77.61 per three months.
buddygays review


As you can see, you will save money by choosing the longest subscription plan. So, is $77.61 per three months expensive? It’s about 20%-30% higher than the industry average. What about discounts? Are there any? BuddyGays gives 30% off for new members. Additionally, you can save up to 40% on your first purchase with a time-limited offer.

Also, you can optionally get three days of trial membership on gaysgodating.com. Thus, be careful when checking the bonus since the expired trial turns into $38.59 per month.

What payment options can you use? Buddygays.com supports several card issuers. Thus, you can purchase a membership with both credit and debit cards.

How Safe is BuddyGays.com?

Are there fakes on BuddyGays.com and is your information protected? As for fakes, you might face a couple of such profiles since BuddyGays doesn’t require identity proof during registration. Generally, you can’t be sure you’re chatting with a real person until you meet them in real life or use video calls. That’s why it’s better to follow these rules while messaging someone on this site:

  • Ask for multiple photos in different environments from time to time.
  • Use video calls.
  • Don’t send money to anyone.
  • Don’t share sensitive information on your profile.
  • Meet in safe public places.

As long as you follow these recommendations, you can safely use any dating website. Digital security is a whole different story though. You can do nothing but provide your personal information or leave the platform, so keeping your financial information secure is the service’s sole responsibility. Is BuddyGays reliable in this regard? It’s a bit complicated. Check the details below:

Personal Information Safety on BuddyGays

BuddyGays collects lots of user information. It gets access to your location, a chat history (including all messages, photos and videos you have ever shared with anyone on this website), transaction details, etc. In short, BuddyGays collects everything related to your personality and activities within its platform.

Then, BuddyGays can share this information with third parties and use it for promotional activities. Thus, if any data leak happens, you can get into trouble. But will it ever happen?

No security breaches have been detected so far. So it will be safe to say that your data is protected.

Additionally, BuddyGays has a valid SSL certificate that ensures a secure connection between the site and your device. Any data transferred back and forth is ciphered so that no hacker can intercept it.

All in all, we can say BuddyGays is a safe platform, although it collects plenty of personal information. But what internet authority doesn’t? If you use a device that has an internet connection, you are already exposed to spy services.


What is BuddyGays?

BuddyGays is a Maltese gay dating website where you can meet a partner for quick sex, friendship, romance, and marriage.

How much does BuddyGays Cost?

BuddyGays.com premium membership has several plans. Thus, you will pay $0.99 per day, $1.43 per week, $1.38 per month, and $0.77 per three months. Also, you can receive up to 40% off on your first purchase.

Is BuddyGays a Scam?

BuddyGays is a reliable service that complies with the law. No scam activities have been registered so far.

Is BuddyGays Safe?

BuddyGays is a safe and reliable platform that meets current digital security standards. It features strong data protection.

Who Owns BuddyGays?

Timespace Services Limited, a dating service provider registered in Malta, owns BuddyGays.

What Security Features does BuddyGays Have?

BuddyGays has the following security features:

  • SSL data encryption.
  • Content moderation.
  • Fraudulent user suspension.

Does BuddyGays Have a Mobile App?

BuddyGays doesn’t have a mobile app, but you can access a well-designed mobile site. It suits all mobile screens and devices and works pretty fast. Most importantly, it supports Desktop site functionality.

How do I Delete My BuddyGays Account?

Follow these recommendations to delete your BuddyGays account:

  • Locate My Settings within the account management menu.
  • Proceed to Remove Account.
  • Follow the instructions to delete your account.
Mona Smith

Mona Smith

Mona Smith is a certified dating coach and editor at BestAdultHookup with over ten years of experience. Mona has a degree in family science and knows the ropes of establishing a healthy relationship from A to Z. At BestAdultHookup, she shares time-proven advice for making your relationship a match made in heaven.

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