Our exhaustive service evaluation showed that FreeHookUpAffair is a fairly average dating service. Yes, the platform offers a haven for singles seeking discreet hookups. But the absence of a standard privacy policy is worrying.  The website is not user-friendly - the mobile version is absolutely unusable. And beyond the landing page, the interface design is completely horrendous.  Besides, while registration is free, users still need to enter credit card credentials before gaining access to the dashboard. In the end, you will have to pay to use ALL the services available at  Essentially, we have categorized our experience using the site into a set of advantages and disadvantages.

FreeHookUpAffair review

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Advertiser Disclosure

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  • Free account setup
  • Great landing page
  • User testimonials
  • Multiple communication features
  • Secure payment and communication portals


  • Tedious registration process
  • Terrible mobile design
  • No official app
  • No privacy and data protection policy
  • Many fake profiles

FreeHookUpAffair Summary

In recent times, most people in the dating scene are getting more concerned about their privacy. This high demand for discreet affairs has popularized sites like FreeHookUpAffair. And to sweeten the pie, this company now promises free hookups for no cost.

But are these services really free? Is FreeHookUpAffair a safe platform for singles seeking low-key flings?

Instead of relying on the information from other FreeHookUpAffair reviews online, we have decided to conduct an independent analysis. This all-inclusive freehookupaffair review explores the services available at FreeHookUpAffair. We will provide you with a detailed analysis of every facet of the site’s operations.

How to set up a FreeHookUpAffair profile

Creating a FreeHookUpAffair profile is uncomplicated because you don’t need to go through several verification protocols. 

Landing page

First of all, you need to visit the official website to start your registration. The landing page is welcoming with a white and pink scheme befitting a dating website. So far, so good. 

On the homepage, you can see every informative section.


freehookupaffair review


The ‘Features’ section gives you a quick preview of the available services. Similarly, the ‘Testimonial’ section allows you access to user reviews.


freehookupaffair review


Account creation

When you are done with sightseeing, you can start creating your profile. The ‘Join The Club’ subsection on the right side of the page is the first checkpoint. 

Enter your gender, location, interest (girls or guys), and preferred age bracket. Click on the ‘Find Affair’ button to complete this stage.

After completing this form, you will be redirected to a questionnaire section. Basically, you have to click ‘Yes’ on every question to continue to the next stage. You will get a caveat that the page contains NSFW content. Also, a warning will appear, indicating that the platform is not for people looking for relationships.


freehookupaffair review


Once you complete the redundant questionnaire, the final checkpoint will appear — a signup form. This form allows you to provide the following personal data:

  • Email
  • Password
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Zip Code
  • Country

Once the form is complete, you can click on the ‘Create Account’ button to set up your profile.


freehookupaffair review


But that’s not all; you still need to provide your payment details before you can access the dashboard. The billing page clearly states ‘$0.00 -No Charge’ all over it. But if there is no charge, why are credit card details necessary? Major red flag!


freehookupaffair review


On the right side, written in fine print, is the list of the services available for the ‘Platinum membership’ on FreeHookUpAffair. 


To go ahead with the registration, you need to provide the credit card details and click the ‘Get My Free Access’ button. This action will redirect you to Another red flag! Although this dashboard is user-friendly, it doesn’t justify redirecting users without forewarning. 


This marks the end of the profile set up process.

Who are the main users of FreeHookUpAffair?

According to the filters on the site’s homepage, the minimum age of membership is 18, regardless of the local legal age of consent. FreeHookUpAffair claims millions of active users, but this figure cannot be verified. Moreover, some of the profiles on the platform look fake.


Also, the FreeHookUpAffair membership extends to every nation of the world. You can meet singles within your locale or from other parts of the world. Every race and religious background is represented on the platform.


In general, every user on this site is either here for the free cam shows or discreet hookups. You can sort them by age, sexual orientation, location, and other search parameters. Besides, users can access HD videos and animations. They can also request cam shows from specific models.


One thing you have to look out for is the brazen nudity. FreeHookUpAffair is not your typical dating site where modesty is encouraged. Most of the profile pictures feature people in ‘birthday suits.’ 


Essentially, every verified user receives a badge on their profile. Stick to communicating with these verified users for personal safety.


freehookupaffair review


How much do FreeHookUpAffair features cost?

The main gripe from new FreeHookUpAffair customers is the lack of free services. This grievance is totally understandable since the company actually has the word ‘free’ in its name. 

That being said, you need the Platinum membership to access the entire range of services offered by FreeHookUpAffair. 


Here is the price analysis of these FreeHookUpAffair features:


  • A 39.95 GBP flat fee that is deducted monthly without your consent
  • 49.95 GBP for unlimited access to for one month
  • 39.94 GBP worth of unlimited monthly access to


The flat membership fee will give you access to the following:


  • HD videos 
  • unlimited content downloads   
  • video chat
  • instant messenger
  • cams shows
  • unlimited video uploads
  • exclusive HD content
  • Email communication
  • appearance in top searches


You can enjoy the Platinum membership for a 2-day trial period. Your access to free and are limited to 7 and 10 days, respectively.


In essence, the bulk of the services for which you pay is pornographic content. You are not guaranteed any refunds if you don’t find a date within the duration of your subscription. And yes, the services are affordable, but they are not free!


freehookupaffair reviews


How safe is FreeHookUpAffair?

Safety is a massive issue when using FreeHookUpAffair. The platform has a lot of encryption protocols in place to improve user safety. But while some are effective, the rest are merely decorative. 


Let’s take a look at the safety features available at FreeHookUpAffair:


  1. 256-Bit SSL encryption protocol

    This encryption protects user information and communication from third parties.
  2. RocketPay 

    RocketPay is a virtual payment wallet that supports online transactions. Most banks and credit card companies approve of this payment portal.

  3. Norton Security 

    This certificate consolidates the company’s claim that the website is secure. In reality, this certificate is decorative and ineffective in terms of user safety.

  4. Email verification 

    Users have to verify their emails after creating their profile. However, the absence of this screening process at the very start allows so many fake profiles to slip through the cracks.


Moreover, most of their services are in partnership with third party porn sites — perfect cesspools for malware attacks. As a result, all the security features do very little to protect FreeHookUpAffair users from scammers and third parties.


freehookupaffair review


Cocnclusion on FreeHookUpAffair

FreeHookUpAffair is a niche dating site that promises users low-key affairs and hookups for no charge at all. However, the platform does not deliver on this promise. You need a Premium membership to enjoy FreeHookUpAffair’s services. Moreover, the site’s design is appalling, and the mobile version’s interface is difficult to use. Also, the security features present on the platform are ineffective in protecting user data. Ultimately, while FreeHookUpAffair has affordable services, consider finding an alternative. Free hookups are cool, but your safety and peace of mind are priceless.


What is FreeHookUpAffair?

FreeHookUpAffair is an online dating platform that promises discreet affairs and hookups to its users. The dating site is relatively popular, but its online reputation is mixed. Some users rave about their success with finding dates, while others call it a total scam.

How much does FreeHookUpAffair cost?

If you want to create an account and browse the site, you won’t pay a dime. However, your access to FreeHookUpAffair’s services is limited to the basics unless you pay the 39 GBP subscription fee. This fee covers various services, like unlimited messaging, video chat, hardcore animations, and HD videos.

Is FreeHookUpAffair a Scam?

On the surface level, FreeHookUpAffair keeps its promise of protecting the users’ activities private. However, FreeHookUpAffair goes against its core principle of providing ‘free’ hookups by asking for a subscription fee. While some consider this false advertising, we call it a scam.

Is FreeHookUpAffair Safe?

The website contains security certificates from Norton, and a 256-Bit SSL encryption protocol protects all communication. But when creating a FreeHookUpAffair account, you can input any email and name you want. No verification process is present, even after providing your billing information. Moreover, the lack of thorough verification opens the website to scammers.

Who owns FreeHookUpAffair?

Unfortunately, the identity of FreeHookUpAffair’s owner is a well-guarded secret. The website contains no information on the owner or the parent company. Our efforts to gather information from the customer service also bore no fruits.

What security features does FreeHookUpAffair have?

All FreeHookUpAffair payments are powered by Rocket pay — a reliable payment portal for credit card transactions. The site runs on 256-bit encryption for all communication. Also, the site promises 100% identity protection, even though no privacy policy is present.

Does FreeHookUpAffair have a mobile app?

Our thorough search of Playstore and App Store was fruitless. As it turns out, FreeHookUpAffair has no official app. Only the not-so-impressive mobile version is available for use.

How do I delete my FreeHookUpAffair account?

You cannot delete your profile from your dashboard. If you want to delete your FreeHookUpAffair account, you must contact customer support with an official request.


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