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GaysGoDating is an exclusive hookup platform for queer men. TimeSpace Services Limited operates this platform. GaysGoDating is similar to a couple of other gay dating sites like GaysTryst. These platforms share design, features, and supposedly, a user database. Does GaysGoDating belong to the best gay hookup sites? No, it doesn’t. But this site has a combination of advantages, making it a satisfactory online dating option.

GaysGoDating Review

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  • Flexible subscription plans
  • An intuitive design
  • A mobile website of superlative quality


  • Controversial fraud prevention policy
  • Dating profiles are shared among partner sites
  • It sells users’ personal information

GaysGoDating Summary

Concluding our review, we can say that GaysGoDating’s a satisfactory platform. By no means it’s among the best gay websites, but it’s still better than many other services offered in the niche.

You can use it for casual dating, building relationships, or searching for some sexual satisfaction. Why is it useful? It offers intuitive design, reasonable and flexible prices, and viable communication options. But it mightn’t become your best choice due to controversial fraud prevention and privacy policies. All in all, you can succeed in online dating on this platform if you take into account privacy issues. So if you want to use this site, you can create a profile there right now.

How to Create an Account on GaysGoDating?

On GaysGoDating, everything is straightforward: you get to the homepage, fill out the registration form, and start dating handsome guys. What do you need to set up an account? Is the registration free? Check how to create an account on this site:

  • Visit
  • Select your age, country, and email address, and create a password.
  • Press the join button. Also, note that by creating an account on GaysGoDating, you agree to the site’s policies and promotions.
  • Confirm your email address, and that’s it. You have created an account on GaysGoDating.
gaysgodating review


As the screenshot tells you, the sign-up is free. But is it free of charge in reality? Won’t you get redirected to the payment page? No, you won’t. You can create an account entirely for free. So what features does this platform have? Check them out below:

Overview of GaysGoDating Dashboard Design, Usability, and Site Features

GaysGoDating emphasizes minimalism and convenience. You can see that the account management menu, activity metrics, and website search field are located in the upper bar. So if you need to adjust some configurations, you can find them all in one place. It’s convenient and useful.

Furthermore, the dating feed occupies the center of the page, which also adds to design usability. Besides, the dashboard background has a neutral gray tone, which prevents your eyes from tiring too soon.


gaysgodating review


You can scroll the dating feed and load more profiles. However, it’s available only for premium users.

Free membership allows you to get familiar with the service and configure your profile only. So what profile options does GaysGoDating offer to you? Check them below.

Checking Profile Options on GaysGoDating

How can you complete a profile? You should expand the account management menu on the upper right and locate the My Profile section. There, you can configure your profile. This page doesn’t contain too many positions, and you won’t be able to write self-descriptions or fill out lengthy questionnaires about your hobbies and interests. On GaysGoDating, you can fill out the following sections:


  • Personal Info. Here, you can indicate your tribe, ethnic origin, and other standard info.
  • Status. It’s a short line (up to 140 characters), a striking summary of your profile.
  • Photos and Videos. You can upload unlimited photos and up to six videos.
  • Looking for. Want to date guys between 18 and 24 from California? You can indicate these requirements in this section.
  • Additional Info. It’s a short questionnaire on your habits, income, religion, etc.


Does GaysGoDating apply limitations on what pictures you can upload? Yes, it does. Nevertheless, content rules are pretty standard: you can post only yourself.

So what about searching for dates? Check website search specifics below.

Website Search Specifics on GaysGoDating

To filter member profiles, you need to set up search criteria in the upper bar. The good thing about GaysGoDating is that you don’t need to set up too many search criteria. After all, what’s the point of filtering people by waist circumference if nobody dares to indicate such information on their profiles? On the other side, GaysGoDating search filters are too minimal compared to other dating websites. Instead of balancing between usability and functionality, GaysGoDating compromises the latter. So, here are the available search filters:

  • Age.
  • Location.
  • Sexual orientation.
  • Ethnicity.
  • Hair and eye color.
  • Body type.
  • Piercings/tattoos.
gaysgodating review


What Communication Channels Can you Use on GaysGoDating?

How to chat with guys on this site? To initiate a conversation, you need to click on the chat button on the person’s profile to enable a messenger. It’s worth mentioning that the GaysGoDating messenger lacks some essential functions. For example, you can’t forward messages. Furthermore, attachments are available only for premium members. What’s more, you can select only between standard smiles. Finally, there are no stickers or gifs.


gaysgodating review


However, the GaysGoDating messenger still has some pros. For instance, you can use video calls or send pre-written flirt messages. It’s convenient. As for video calls, they can become an excellent way for some virtual fun.

Thus, we can say that GaysGoDating communication options are satisfactory. The site can’t compete with social networks, but it stands out from other hookup platforms and apps.

The Quality of GaysGoDating Customer Service

Let’s say you have a question about subscription fees. How can you ask the GaysGoDating customer service team about them? You need to find the Get Support section in the account management menu and fill out a contact form.

The customer support department replies within 24 hours on average. It would be much better if GaysGoDating provided a live support chat because its existing communication channels are too slow. Except for the helpline. But you can use it for resolving billing questions, for the most part.

Apart from that, GaysGoDating has a comprehensive FAQ page that’s pretty enough for most questions you might have.

Reviewing GaysGoDating Mobile Services

Forget about a mobile application. We can’t say why the service hasn’t developed an app yet. But GaysGoDating compensates for this with a convenient and easy-to-use mobile website. It’s fully functional, featuring a more convenient interface than the regular site.

To access the service on your smartphone or tablet, enter your account via your mobile browser. It’s as comfortable as a regular application. Thus, we can say that the GaysGoDating mobile experience brings you dating fun, although there is no dedicated application.

Like Gallery as Sort of Entertainment on GaysGoDating

You may wonder, what does the Like Gallery section in the GaysGoDating upper bar mean? To put it simply, it’s another method of viewing website profiles. The Like Gallery is a web page that displays GaysGoDating profiles, with two options: like or reject. Once you like someone, they receive a notification. If these guys like you in return, you get a match.


gaysgodating review


Evaluating the GaysGoDating Community

How many profiles are there? The service doesn’t provide accurate info on its community size. But you can get dozens of results pages within each age category and location. Thus, the GaysGoDating audience is pretty extensive.

At the same time, it’s a shared database. We had reviewed similar gay hookup sites and noticed that many of them show identical dating profiles. Thus, GaysGoDating might feature dating profiles shared across a network of gay dating sites.

Are All GaysGoDating Profiles Real?

Does this service have profiles run by site administration (that look like real website members)? Unfortunately, it does. In a few seconds after registration, you will receive a lot of messages from guys. But to open those messages, you have to upgrade your account. Scam-like promotion detected. Thus, be prepared for the fact that some guys might be fakes run by site staff.

Will this fact interfere with your dating experience? It could. However, you can go along with that. Besides, most dating sites incorporate similar promotional techniques as well. Still, it’s a major GaysGoDating disadvantage we had to mention.

Reviewing GaysGoDating Account Promotion Service

You can enable account promotion. What is it? In short, it means that a site staff will run your profile and send promotional messages to other guys on your behalf to bring you more likes and interests.

It sounds like something interfering with your privacy, and it really is. However, it’s optional, so you can never enable it. At the same time, be prepared because some people on this site might use this feature, and some of these promotional messages can get to you.

Prices, Discounts, and Payment Options on GaysGoDating

GaysGoDating offers a flexible pricing policy. Thus, it can charge you per day, month, or three months. It’s a healthy approach since you can buy, let’s say, three days of services and decide whether premium content suits your goals. If you consider this site crap, you can leave it and find another platform without waiting for refunds. What options does a premium subscription enable then? Here is the list of premium features:

  • Unlimited messages and website searches.
  • Premium customer support.
  • Full-size profile photo views.
  • Video calls.
  • Video and photo attachments.
  • Access to the Looking For section on guys’ profiles.

You can see the prices and the list of premium features in the screenshot below:


gaysgodating review


As you can see, GaysGoDating displays membership prices with discounts already included. But 30% off is a limited offer, and you will pay the full fee for the second purchase. It will result in $42.73 per month. Are there any additional discounts? Yes, you can receive 40% off on your first purchase.

Also, GaysGoDating offers you an optional bonus subscription to, a partner dating service. If checked, this bonus gives you three days of trial membership on, resulting in $38.59 per month. Sure, you can cancel the bonus before expiration or never accept this offer.

As for payment options, you can use the most popular debit and credit card providers like Visa and MasterCard.

The good thing about GaysGoDating is that a premium subscription unlocks all content options, and there are no additional in-site transactions.

GaysGoDating Safety Measures, Fraud-Prevention Policies, and More

Safety is a real concern for people who want to enter any dating site. Is this site secure? It is. The platform is protected. Due to this, you can enter your payment information to purchase premium services without trouble. However, GaysGoDating lacks anti-fraud protection.

First, it doesn’t check user identity or criminal background. Because of this, you have a chance to meet criminals on this platform. Second, GaysGoDating has a controversial privacy policy. Thus, it collects all information you share on your profile and within chats. Furthermore, the company states that it has unlimited rights regarding your personal information. Given that, it can use your info for marketing purposes.

In other words, GaysGoDating sells your info. If you reside in California, you can ask this company to stop sharing your photos, videos, chats, etc.

Apart from that, you can enable a safe mode for more protection. It allows you to filter suspicious profiles or unverified members.


gaysgodating review


What does profile verification mean in the case of GaysGoDating? First, it doesn’t involve identity verification. All you need to do is call the support department and answer some simple questions. Thus, enabling the safe mode can’t bring you 100% protection against scams.

So what’s the conclusion to all this? GaysGoDating provides a malware-free environment and encrypted connection. But you should be careful with the people on this site. Also, don’t give this company any sensitive information.


What is GaysGoDating?

GaysGoDating is a dating platform for queer people dedicated to affairs and relationships.

How much does GaysGoDating Cost?

You can create an account and manage your profile without paying a dollar. Messaging and other options require a premium subscription. You will pay $42.73 per month. Also, you can save up to 40% on your first purchase.

Is GaysGoDating a Scam?

GaysGoDating isn’t a scam since it unites people for real, giving them an online communication space. No legal issues or GaysGoDating reviews on such topics were found.

Is GaysGoDating Safe?

You can purchase the subscription securely. As for scams, you should rely on yourself. The service doesn’t guarantee that each member is real and has good intentions.

Who Owns GaysGoDating?

TimeSpace Services Limited, a dating software provider registered in Malta, owns GaysGoDating.

What Security Features does GaysGoDating Have?

GaysGoDating applies these security features:


  • Encrypted site connection.
  • Content moderation.
  • Profile review.
  • Safe mode.
  • Profile verification.


Does GaysGoDating have a Mobile App?

GaysGoDating doesn’t have a mobile application. However, you can use a fully functional mobile website instead.

How do I Delete My GaysGoDating Account?

Take these steps to delete your account:

  1. Locate My Settings in the account management menu.
  2. Find the Remove Account section.
  3. Follow further instructions.
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Mona Smith

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