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GaysTryst is a gay hookup dating site where you can find a partner for an affair, relationship, and marriage. This platform belongs to Together Networks Holdings Limited, a dating software provider that owns many similar dating sites. Does this platform belong to the best gay websites? You will find this out further in our review. Now, check the GaysTryst’s pros and cons.

GaysTryst Review

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  • Nice-looking guys
  • A user-friendly website design
  • Reasonable prices


  • Questionable safety measures
  • An unreliable privacy policy
  • Advertising via user profiles

GaysTryst Summary

GaysTryst can’t give you anything special for the price you pay. It’s a pretty average and, sometimes, mediocre site, with an excellent design but questionable policies. You can use it successfully for dating. However, you shouldn’t share sensitive information on this platform anyway because GaysTryst uses your chats, photos, videos, and profile information however they want. We can’t place this site among the best gay hookup sites, but it’s certainly not the worst one out there. You can use it at your discretion.

Reviewing the GaysTryst Registration Process

GaysTryst features a minimalistic homepage. Once you visit the site, you will get straight to the registration menu. It’s quite simple and straightforward: to create an account, you need to do only a few simple steps:

  • Select your age, indicate a valid email address, and create a password for your account.
  • Set your location and press the join button. Note that you automatically agree to the GaysTryst terms of use by joining the site. Given that, it’s better to check the terms of use and privacy policy before registering an account. Is there anything unusual or questionable in the GaysTryst terms and conditions? We will talk about it later in your review.
  • Confirm your email address.
  • Your GaysTryst registration is complete. Now, you can enter your dashboard and start dating astonishing guys.


gaystryst review


Concluding our GaysTryst registration process review, we can say it’s fast and easy. More than that, the service doesn’t require you to fill out a dating profile during registration, making its sign-up a few times more convenient. Nonetheless, GaysTryst could incorporate Google or Facebook registration for the utmost convenience. What about the dashboard? Check its design and features below.

How Friendly is a GaysTryst Design?

As for design usability, GaysTryst delivers a combination of functionality and aesthetics. The dashboard theme is designed with user-friendliness in mind. For instance, you can see that the account management menu and statistics are displayed in the header, while the dating feed occupies the page center.

It allows a user to focus on dating and get quick access to their profile activity at the same time. Furthermore, the site theme leaves white spaces and uses a combination of black and green, adding to style and aesthetics.


gaystryst review


Also, you can see some suggestions among dating profiles. This approach doesn’t distract you from dating. It also adds to the convenience and comfort of using GaysTryst.

Besides, you can manage website search settings right on the homepage. It’s also much better than following different pages to adjust website search criteria or matches. In this way, GaysTryst reduces site pages to a minimum, allowing you to manage most configurations in one place.

All in all, the GaysTryst features a high-end design, delivering both convenience and style. So what’s next? Creating a profile is the next step in your dating plan. So what profile info features does GaysTryst provide? Check them out below:

Configuring GaysTryst Profile

Expand your account settings menu on the top right side and locate the My Profile section to fill out your dating profile.

In the profile editing section, you can include less information compared to other dating sites. Nonetheless, GaysTryst provides enough profile sections to let you make a good impression or get useful insights about people in the dating feed:

  • Personal information includes positions containing some variants to choose from.
  • Photos and videos.
  • Status, which is a summary of your profile. You can make it up to 140 characters long.
  • Looking For, where you can set requirements for your future partner.
  • Additional Info, a short questionnaire on your habits, education, religion, income, etc.

That’s all you can show on your dating profile. No lengthy self-descriptions are available.

Are there any requirements regarding photos and videos? Yes, there are several content rules. Thus, you must avoid violence, children, celebrities, etc., while uploading pictures and videos.

To put it simply, you can post only yourself to show everyone how handsome you are. It should be the purpose of your visual content. How many photos and videos can you upload then? As for photos, there is no limit. As for videos, you can upload up to six files. Also, note that each piece must be up to two minutes long.

To summarize everything mentioned above, the GaysTryst profile setup lacks self-representation options. Nonetheless, it doesn’t downgrade your dating experience in any way since you will get views and messages as long as you have high-quality pictures. You can read further to find out the messaging options on GaysTryst.

An Overview of Communication Features on GaysTryst

So how to start flirting with guys? For this, you need to click on the chat icon on the dating profile to open a simple messenger window. Why is it simple? It’s because you can’t even upload attachments as a free user.


gaystryst review


Apart from that, you can report a user, block him, and distinguish between message types. What are they? These are:

  • Promotional messages. You can ask the GaysTryst staff to flirt with guys and add them to favorites (on your behalf) while being out.
  • Auto replies.
  • Flirtcarts. You can choose between pre-written flirt messages while starting a chat.

Also, you can use video calls, which is excellent. At the same time, this feature doesn’t show up when you enter your dialogues via the upper bar chat section, which is a bit weird.

Adjusting GaysTryst Search Filters

Do you expect to order this site to show you all blue-eyed blonde guys who are strictly 6’ and love throwing knives? The reality is a bit upsetting in the case of GaysTryst. The search filters are minimal. You can’t specify your search results beyond standard criteria such as age, hair color, location, ethnicity, etc. Thus, you will always get pretty generalized results.


gaystryst review


What is a Like Gallery?

On GaysTryst, you can compare profiles, like them, and get matches in real-time in the dating feed. Still, you can do this in a bit more convenient way with a Like Gallery. It’s a mini-game where the service offers you dating profiles, and your task is to reject or like them.


gaystryst review


Thus, it’s nothing more than another way of browsing dating profiles.

Reviewing GaysTryst Mobile Experience

Does GaystTryst have a mobile application? Unfortunately, it doesn’t. However, you can still benefit from all service features to the fullest on your mobile device. All you need to do is log in to your account via your mobile browser. How good is GaysTryst mobile website then?

It has a modern design and provides even more features than the Desktop version does. For example, you can get easy access to video calls. All in all, a mobile website has better functionality and better performance compared to the Desktop version. Thus, it allows you to keep in touch with your date wherever you are.

What about GaysTryst Customer Support?

You may have some questions regarding how the Gaystryst site works. Or, you may want to clarify some billing statements. For this, you need to locate the Get Support section. From there, you can follow the FAQ page or submit a query in the contact form.

How fast does the support team respond to your queries? Just like any other dating platform on the web, GaysTryst replies within 24 hours. It may be too slow when it comes to urgent billing issues.

Fortunately, you can use a free helpline in case you need to solve some burning problems. To sum up, you will get average-quality customer service on this platform.

A Complete GaysTryst Audience Overview

Are there fakes or fantasy profiles on You can meet some fraudulent accounts on this site. Just imagine a situation: a guy has no personal info, photos, or videos, just nothing. Would you chat with him, referring to his exciting personality and sexy appearance? Sure, you won’t unless you are a robot or fake. However, some guys might praise you even if you have an empty profile. It means that you might encounter fake profiles.

As for fantasy accounts, you will meet some as well. GaysTryst “boosts” user activity by sending notifications or using other communication channels (like chats). Thus, you might receive a new message from a handsome guy, open it, and realize that it’s a promotion. Besides, you have to upgrade your profile to see some of these notifications.


gaystryst review


Promote My GaysTryst Account Feature

You can also enable the Promote My Account feature. Once activated, it allows the site staff to send promotional messages and add other site users to your favorites on your behalf when you’re absent.

In other words, you will let someone use your account while you’re offline. As a result, a specific part of profiles messaging you might be unreal or run by the site staff. What about the real users? Read further to find the quality of real GaysTryst profiles below:

Checking the Quality of GaysTryst Profiles

If you use other sites operated by Together Network Holdings Limited, you will notice that some profiles may appear on multiple platforms. Thus, Together Networks Holdings might share a database across all its dating sites. As for profile quality, there is no consistency.

One guy might post only a couple of photos, while another guy has a never-ending gallery of professional studio pictures. People on this site are all different, filling out their dating profiles at their discretion.

How Much does GaysTryst Membership Cost?

GaysTryst offers prices within the industry average, having multiple subscription plans. Thus, you will choose between the following premium membership options:

  • One day at $0.99.
  • One week at $1.43 per day.
  • One month at $1.38 per day.
  • Three months at $0.77 per day.

As you can see, GaysTryst has a pretty flexible pricing policy, with the most extended subscription plan being the cheapest.


gaystryst review


So what benefits does the premium membership bring to you? With the premium plan, you can:

  • View full profile photos.
  • Use unlimited website search. Free users can scroll only to the first results page.
  • Chat with anyone for as long as you want.
  • See users’ looking for information.
  • Send visual content.
  • Benefit from enhanced customer support (you will get replies faster).

What about GaysTryst payment options? You can use the most popular credit and debit cards to upgrade your membership.

Bonus Subscriptions and Discounts on GaysTryst

While purchasing the membership, you can check a bonus to another gay dating site, It’s a GaysTryst partner service that looks identical to other Together Networks Holdings sites. You will get a three-day trial that will convert into $38.59 unless canceled.

As for discounts, you can receive 30% off on your first membership. You can also stay a free member for a while to receive a 40% discount.

Safety Measures and Anti-Fraud Policies on GaysTryst

GaysTryst claims to use several digital security approaches to ensure the unwavering safety of your data. While it’s true since no data breaches have been registered so far, your data might still be at risk. The matter is that GaysTryst uses your information for promotional purposes, rebrands, and shares it with third-parties. Thus, anything you write on your profile or upload to anyone on this site belongs to GaysTryst.

Don’t Sell My Personal Information on GaysTryst

If you live in California, you can ask the company not to sell your personal information. Users outside the state of California must accept that GaysTryst will use their info for marketing purposes.

What is GaysTryst Safety Mode?

A Safety Mode feature allows you to exclude suspicious or unverified users from contacting you. It might help you avoid fraudsters and fakes. Nonetheless, the verification procedure seems to be quite questionable.

To pass it, you don’t need to provide your identity proof. You can indicate your phone number and answer some questions about your profile, and that’s it. You can also become a verified member. For this, you need to address the customer service team via a free helpline.

To sum up, we can say that GaysTryst is safe for transactions, but you should be careful with the information you share on this site and the people you chat with.


What is GaysTryst?

GaysTryst is one of the gay hookup sites where you can meet guys for quick sex, relationship, and marriage.

How much does GaysTryst Cost?

GaysTryst charges $42.78 per month for the premium membership. However, you can receive up to 40% off on your first purchase. Fortunately, a premium subscription doesn’t involve microtransactions.

Is GaysTryst a Scam?

GaysTryst is a legit business, and no official scam records or lawsuits against it have been registered. No GaysTryst reviews mentioning legal issues were detected either.

Is GaysTryst Safe?

GaysTryst provides satisfactory digital protection. It has a valid SSL certificate and applies other safety measures. However, the service collects your data and uses it at its discretion. In other words, GaysTryst sells your info to third parties.

Who owns GaysTryst?

Together Networks Holdings Limited, a dating software provider registered on the British Virgin Islands, owns GaysTryst.

What Security Features does GaysTryst Have?

GaysTryst applies the following security features:

  • Content review.
  • SSL protection.
  • Safety Mode.

At the same time, GaysTryst doesn’t check its users’ identities or criminal backgrounds.

Does GaysTryst have a Mobile App?

GaysTryst doesn’t have a mobile application. But you can access the site via your mobile device without trouble.

How do I Delete My GaysTryst Account?

To delete your account, follow these steps:

  • Go to account settings.
  • Locate Remove Account.
  • Follow brief instructions.
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