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Meeting that special one for dating and sex may not be an easy task in 2023. With all the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, anxiety around the pandemic, and the inability to travel free, young people tend to stay home more and fail to widen their social circle. At the same time, fear of getting infected should not hold you from trying to find your partner to spend days and nights together. But how to do that safely? In this review, you will find the answer. Growlr com is the app that you need to try if you haven’t yet. This is one of the largest gay communities in the world open to everyone who wants to find their bears for relationships. Now, with the app's further development, LGBTQ+ people are also welcome to join.

Growlr Review

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  • the app speed and correct functioning
  • nice design
  • user-friendly interface
  • active audience
  • free chatting
  • low prices


  • video calls, private pictures, videos, and other features are available only to Pro members.

What is Growlr: everything about the app design and usability 

Growlr is one of the most popular apps for the gay community at the moment, so there is no surprise you want to find out how it works. There are over 10 million members who are looking for gay bears worldwide and over 4 million of them are from the US, so your chances of meeting your partner on Growlr online are pretty high. The audience on the app is quite active: at least 10,000 actively use it every week.

Let’s take a look at the Growlr website first. Since this service is provided on the app (Growlr for PC is not available at the moment), you will not get much of the information from the website: it is a quite minimalistic landing page that invites you to check the mobile app via the app shop you prefer.

Growlr Home

From the Growlr website, you can find out the service terms of use, read FAQs about it, find out the price for ads if you want to post yours on the app and visit the service shop. At the center of the screen, you can see two buttons for app download, so don’t wait any longer and proceed to the registration. 

Once you download the Growlr gay app, you will be asked to allow it to identify your location. This is because Growlr is a location-based app that provides you with the matches in your area, so don’t hesitate to do it. 

Location Acces Growlr

The next step is the Growlr sign in: you can enter your email and password if you have already used the app or click the ‘Create new account’ button if you are a new user. 

Growlr Registration

Next, you will need to create the nickname for your account (the way other users will call you), enter your email, create a password for future app visits, and add your birth date. Once it’s done, click on the button at the bottom to proceed. 

Growlr Create Account

The third step you will need to take is uploading your picture to your profile. This is not mandatory at the moment and you can easily skip it if you don’t have a proper picture of yourself and don’t wish to take one at the moment. 

Growlr Upload Photo

At this point, we can say that the Growlr for Android and iOS is a nice app to use: it is easy to download, there are no suspicious permissions that you need to give to the app to start using it. After all, you don’t need to pay for your membership immediately after you’ve downloaded the app which is a huge plus. 

As for the quality of profiles we’ve seen on Growlr, it is pretty decent. Although not all information about users is available to newly registered members, you still can check men’s profiles, see their pictures, and text them. 

Every member’s profile contains the following information: a nickname, an avatar, age, height, weight, race, dating status, and whom they are looking for on the Growlr hookup app. This information is enough to start communication with a person and see whether you can match and date. 

Profile Growlr

All in all, Growlr is one of the most convenient apps for gays to use: the sign-up process is fast and easy, as well as the app’s functioning. Therefore, if you are looking for the first gay app to use, consider trying the Growlr bear app. 

How it works: dating via Growlr  

As you already know, registering on Growlr is a matter of a minute, but what about making contact there? How easy is it for a new user to navigate the app and meet people? Let’s see. 

The good news for every online dating newby is that Growlr allows its free users to chat online without the need to upgrade their profiles. It means that you can start dating bears immediately after you’ve joined the app. To do that, click on the respective button at the bottom of the screen and open dialogues. There, you can see people who texted you, read their messages, reply to them, and meet. 

To browse profiles of Growl members, use ‘Global’, ‘Nearby’, and ‘Search’ tabs. The first and second tabs offer you a few dozens of men’s profiles that you can open, view, and send a message to. 

The ‘Search’ tab works the following way: once you click it, the drop-down lists of filters will open. Indicate every feature that is important to you (age, height, weight, race, body type, profiles with pictures, online, etc.), and click the ‘Search’ button below. You can edit your searches to find more matches. If you upgrade your profile to Pro, you will be able to save your search features and get more results in just one click. 

What do people say about Growlr?

Now that you know how Growlr works, we suggest that you find out what recent users say about their experience with this app. 

The vast majority of Growlr reviews are positive: users emphasize the quality of the app work and the activity of other users. Also, many members indicated that they managed to find their partners on Growlr. While processing their feedback, we also noticed that the community members were satisfied with the level of prices on the app: indeed, the rates on the app are some of the lowest compared to the apps like Growlr. Therefore, if you are looking for a fast, affordable, and effective dating app, Growlr is what you need. 

Growlr prices and payment policies 

Although Growlr is available for free and, as many Growlr app reviews confirmed, it’s convenient to use it without upgrading, you can try out a Pro membership. The advantages of the Pro version are the following: 

  • viewing full-sized Growlr photos of all users; 
  • unlocking and watching privates videos; 
  • the ability to review your saved searches;
  • initiating live video calls; 
  • the ability to view profiles anonymously; 
  • getting 100 more search results;
  • getting 100 more profiles in the ‘Global’ and ‘Nearby’ tabs;
  • saving 200 bookmarks;
  • the ability to block up to 500 users;
  • adding user notes; 
  • viewing 100 more gays’ picks in the ‘Gallery’ tab; 
  • viewing up to 100 private posts;
  • browsing the app without ads and pop-up windows; 
  • activating profile links on your feed, etc. 

If you want to get the most out of Growlr and become one of those who praise the app in their Growlr reviews, consider choosing either of the Pro packages. All of them contain the same features and services but differ depending on the duration you choose: 

  • a Pro membership for one month costs $9.99;
  • a three-month Pro membership costs $23.99; 
  • A twelve-month Pro membership costs $69.99. 

To pay for your Growlr membership, you can use your credit card that is saved in your App Store or Google Play account. Paying for your membership is safe since Growlr does not collect your financial or private information during the transaction. 

Remember that once you pay for your Growlr membership, the subscription will become renewable automatically every month. To cancel your subscription, feel free to do that in your account. Once your subscription is canceled, it will stop on the first days of the next month. Unfortunately, the subscription cancellation does not imply a refund, so if you need one, consider contacting the app customer support. 

Growlr advantages

To help you decide on whether you should try dating on Growlr online, we list the benefits of this app: 

  • It’s free. The first and foremost advantage of the app is that you don’t need to pay any money for the Growl sign in and chatting with people. Although you cannot see all pictures of other users, get numerous search results, get featured on the ‘Global’ tab, etc. as a free user, chatting is enough to meet a person online and meet with them;
  • It’s fast. The app speed and the absence of bugs make it a convenient place to date and enjoy communication with people. Once you download the app, you will see how smooth its functioning is;
  • It has a great audience. People who sign up and use the Growl app actively are positive, smart, and ready to meet offline. Offensive conduct or unwanted activity is moderated on Growlr, so you should not be afraid to become a victim of an online stalker; 
  • It’s cheap. Even a college student can afford dating on Growl: the prices per month of Pro membership start at $9.99. The features you get for this money are brilliant: the access to pictures, videos, video calls, hundreds of recommended profiles nearby and worldwide, etc.;
  • It’s available on various mobile devices. You can download the app from any app shop and enjoy all of its features on your smartphone or tablet. What can be better than dating on the go? 


Dating via Growl is one of the best decisions you can make: the app is a real deal you won’t regret. Just don’t waste any more time searching for the best app for gay bears and online dating newbies and sign up for a free account to get the best customer experience and meet your partner.


What is Growlr?

Growlr is a dating app intended for gays who are looking for bears and chubs to date and hook up with. If you want to find a partner for regular dating, the Growlr app can also help. The advantage of this app is that LGBTQ+ people also can join. 

How much does Growlr cost?

The Growlr app is available online for free, but a lot of features are restricted to free users. If you want to enjoy the whole pack of Growlr services, consider upgrading your membership for just $9.99 per month. The prices go up to $69.99 per year of access to Growlr Pro. 

Is Growlr a Scam?

No, it’s not. As you’ve seen from this Growlr app review, it is a reliable dating app where you can meet real people who are ready to meet and have fun together. The service is provided according to terms of use and existing policies, so you should not worry about your safety. 

Is Growlr Safe?

Yes, it is. Growlr is one of the safest apps you can find online: every step of registration is done after your permission, so if you don’t allow the app to access your information or location, it will not get it. Also, payment and privacy policies contribute to your safety. 

Does Growlr have a mobile app?

Yes! Growlr is available exclusively online on mobile devices. You can download your app from the preferred app shop and start using it right away. Both Android and App Store apps are free of charge unless you decide to upgrade your membership.

Mona Smith

Mona Smith

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