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Imlive is one of the top popular adult websites that features sexual activity and nudity. The general idea of a website is to provide users with Camgirl services. Such services aren’t free of charge; whenever one wants to video chat, they need to make a contribution and buy tokens. The tokens are virtually the money one needs to pay to purchase live or recorded camgirl videos. On the one hand, the website is a great alternative for those who want to unwind and have some fun. On the other hand, there are few concerns you might need to take into account to make a proper decision. Read this review and find out whether Imlive is what you need.

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imlive review

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  • A lot of tools and features for easier navigation and better model selection
  • An opportunity to watch recorded videos and video chat with cam models in real time
  • Several categories to choose from


  • Relatively outdated design with old-fashioned interface
  • The free trial won’t help you to make a sufficient impression of a website
  • High prices for video chatting

Imlive Summary

Imlive will satisfy you if you want two things: to live cam with fit models and protect yourself from data leakages. Even though we cannot claim that the app is totally secure and scam-free, it promotes safety and privacy. The quality of videos, as well as the user interface, might potentially be the right areas for improvement. But, in general, Imlive offers you everything you might expect from an adult website.

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Imlive Review

The story of the website began in the early 2000s. In 2007, the number of the website’s members reached the 10 million mark. In a few years, the website has become one of the Internet’s largest webcam communities and one of the best adult cam sites. The number of Imlive’s members today is more than 100,000.

How Imlive works

You do not need to spend a load of time to create an account on sign up with Facebook or google mail to set up a profile. Just figure out a user name, create a password, and indicate your email address. Yes, you can access the website for free. But what you need to keep in mind is that you will need to pay for a membership if you want to chat with the cam models. Membership will provide you with benefits, such as asses to live shows and exclusive chats.


Imlive Review


The interface is quite user-friendly, even though it looks like the company has been stuck somewhere in the 90s. The good thing though is that it is quite intuitive. If you want access to a live cam session – you can find the button for it. Whenever you want to browse the hosts’ videos – the button is also available.


The website has a few features, and here are some of them:


  • Candy shows. To enter the show, one needs to buy a ticket in advance. To ensure that the show is worth visiting, users can preview the models’ profiles and promptly make their decisions.
  • The panic button. Being caught by your flatmates while webcamming with some girl isn’t the most pleasant thing ever. Developers created a panic button to safeguard oneself from an awkward situation like that. How it works: when someone walks into the room, for example, you can click the red button on the right and get instantly redirected to Therefore, you will conceal all the evidence and make an impression of a working person. Plus, it is way better than pretending to stare at the blank browser page.


Nonetheless, we can’t admit that this button is a unique feature. One can easily switch the tab manually (of course, if you prepare in advance).

  • Host videos. Host videos come in handy when you aren’t flexible enough. Let’s say you want to chat with your favorite models, but you don’t have time for it right now. Host videos allow you to access your top cam models’ recorded videos whenever you want.

There are few host video categories that Imlive offers:


  • video series: short videos recorded by models for you to watch whenever you want
  • top five shows: these are the top popular live shows recorded and posted
  • free teasers: these are tiny previews for the users to realize if paying for the show is worth it.


Site’s reputation and feedback from Imlive users

The number of both users and hosts of Imlive website is ever-growing. Namely, the number of hosts isn’t limited by thousands. All this leads to the conclusion that the reputation of Imlive is quite solid all over Europe and the US. Since so many people trust it, it might be the signal of good quality and fair prices. Having explored many Imlive reviews available across the web, we have found the two most distinctive features: positive interaction experience and no hidden fees.


Most users are satisfied with the quality of the services. Namely, one can often find reviews stating that the video quality is fantastic, the prices are low, the models are stunning. However, we also found negative reviews indicating that the site is old-fashioned and the video quality is poor.


Imlive Review


Imlive pricing system

As indicated already in this review, one can join the platform for free. However, it is impossible to access both recorded and live videos if you don’t pay a membership fee. Namely, it works in the following way: you purchase credits, and then you pay with the credits for the services you want to use.


Regardless of how many credits you buy, you will not save more money if you opt for buying 100 credits instead of 50. For each credit, you pay 1$. This means that to buy 50 credits, you pay 50$; to pay 100 – you pay 100$.


Imlive Review


Besides, a good thing about Imlive is that it accepts PayPal payments which are reasonably the most secure ones.


Now a few words about the actual prices. Each of the credits you buy provides you with a particular service. A minute in a private chat costs from 1 to 5.80 credits, depending on the performer’s individual prices. A minute of a candy show will cost you from 0.25 to 1 credit. Finally, A cam with two hosts, which is the most expensive option, costs $1.26-$10.90 per minute.


Above all, you do not need to pay anything at first. A free trial version is available to make up your mind and decide whether the platform fulfills your desires. But, again, no chat option is available in a trial version.


The main perks of using

A mobile app

Luckily, one can navigate the site both from the laptop and from the mobile phone. However, the app is available only from the website itself, and this might not be very safe. So if you would rather prefer to download the app from google play or the app store, you can just open the mobile version without necessarily downloading the app.

Free account

The membership isn’t free of charge, but it doesn’t mean you cannot create a free account. Just like most similar services, Imlive offers you to test a trial version before you purchase a membership. A downside is the following: it isn’t clear whether the trial version makes any sense. In particular, you cannot try out any of the features even during a free trial period.

A lot of members

The number of members is continuously growing. This indicates that a lot of people trust Imlive and have their reasons to have fun at this very platform. Plus, such a tendency suggests that the selection of models is increasing as well.

Multiple useful features available

Maybe those features aren’t as useful as they could be, but at least they make Imlive user-friendly and convenient. The website makes it possible to video chat models in real-time or to watch pre-recorded videos.

Safe payments

Trust isn’t easy to earn, mostly when we talk about erotic platforms like Imlive. However, it seems to be a safe place since Imlive makes it possible to pay using PayPal. The latter is the most reliable and secure way to make purchases online.


What is “Imlive”?

Imlive is an adult cam website that offers users chatting with webcam models in real-time. One can also browse pre-recorded videos filmed by ‘hosts’. Today, Imlive is one of the biggest webcam communities on the Internet.

How much does “Imlive” cost?

To navigate the website and use the services, one needs to buy credits. Even though membership is free, it is necessary to pay for the credits to chat with the models. For example, to buy 50 credits, one has to make a 50$ contribution.

Is “Imlive” a Scam?

We haven’t collected any evidence admitting that Imlive might be a scam. One can find the real models there who aren’t likely to get your money and give no service in return.

Is “Imlive” Safe?

Imlife uses encryption, and it protects the users’ data. It covers the data from breaches and prevents and protects users from any malware. The company also kindly asks its users to inform the support if they first detect any suspicious activity.

Does “Imlive” have a mobile app?

Yes, has a mobile app. However, you cannot download it from google play or from the app store. To access the app, you should download it directly from the Imlive website. If you are comfortable with using the app from your mobile browser, you can surely do that.


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