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Military guys

Best sites To Meet Military Guys

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Are you tired of Zoomers, who have only one thing in their dirty mind? How about hooking a severe guy from the air force? Ok, then you need to know how to meet military guys. Without extra introductions, you’ll learn the following:

  1. Where you can find military guys.
  2. Military singles, and why you can find them with an ordinary dating app.
  3. Breaking myths about single military men.
  4. FAQ.
  5. Guideline on how to exactly hook them up.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg, which covers the ocean of helpful information about dating with ‘brothers in arms,’ and we just want to discover the most essential points to you!

Military singles — do they exist?

First, you must know about military guys from the armed forces… They’re absolutely standard guys. Without anything specific. They’re:

  1. Using dating sites.
  2. Interested in finding new friends.
  3. A bit fitter than the other guys. Not as much as in your fantasies.

Their active duty is just a profession with some specifications, but we repeat… Active duty is just a profession. So if you want to meet military personnel, you should visit a common dating site, start an ordinary conversation with a military man, ask for a date, and get exactly this date. All others depend only on you!

Where to hook up the armed forces?

We’re not recommending military niche dating sites because, as usual, they are not serving you exclusive military cupid, who will repair your hurt. Instead, we recommend dating sites where you can find black military dating partners, white partners, and Asian partners, no matter their race or gender. Here’s our list of the best and approved military dating sites with military elite singles:

  1. Ashley Madison. Simply the most significant site, and you can find an army of potential matches for a date.
  2. OneNightFriend. It better works for a fling with a person in uniform than for a serious relationship with a soldier.
  3. AdultFriendFinder. You can create an account there to test all the features and meet all the members. Some of them will not be civilians.
  4. VictoriaMilan. Allow you to meet military singles, send them free messages, and have something more than a standard date.

Of course, you can prefer another online dating site with a dating app for searching military men with interesting BIO, but we’re sure of one thing. East or west, these dating sites are the best, exactly if you are interested in something more than forced penpals!

So do not waste your time on suspicious places which annoy you with ads or something else. Better choose big, approved platforms, put the correct search criteria, and finally meet your crush at the military service sites.


OneNightFriend is an excellent alternative to MD dating. But this app is more about searching for a fling, but women still search there for a date for fun or hot nights. And if you’re a military guy, you must check your luck there.

Ashley Madison

Why Ashley Madison? Ok, it’s the biggest and the most secure site around the world, which allows you to meet people, and it doesn’t matter their profession. You can find here a coast guard as simple, as officiant, or as a lieutenant from the air forces.

And the best of this site is that it is perfect for a fling and serious relationships. And only you can decide which way to choose.


AdultFriendFinder is a great military dating site with a free sign-up process and many exciting features. At least it provides you to send videos, of course, if you create an account there. It’s not a perfect site, but it still can successfully bring you a perfect date.

Please, do not forget that here at AdultFriendFinder, you shouldn’t fight with fake accounts to get a free chat with members in uniform.

Why would it be better not to search for brothers in arms on standard social networks?

You might be interested in why you have to prefer our common dating sites to specific military sites or standard social networks, or something else.

The reason is simple — anonymity. In most armies, military men do not have active social network pages because they have to keep their basic information a secret. So, they prefer dating sites that keep secrets, where they shouldn’t worry about being caught.

You must remember that military men can use fake names to protect their anonymity, but only on dating sites. They can’t do that in the official social networks.

Now you know why military people use specific dating sites. It’s not because they want to send nude photos or do something prohibited. It’s all because of objective reasons.

Breaking myths about military guys

Let’s quickly break all the myths about military cupid dating with a single navy man. They’re not:

  1. Mad or crazy.
  2. Had Vietnam flashbacks.
  3. Too strict in relationships.
  4. Worse in bed.
  5. Staying all the time in barracks
  6. Illiterate.

All you need to remember about your military friends using dating apps and other sites is that they’re ordinary people! That’s all.

FAQ about armed forces

Yeah, we know that military dating is similar to any other. But we’re putting up this FAQ to break some myths not about militaries but about military dating. It will help you to meet and date military singles and civilians.

Are the military guys using dating apps?

Yes, military men use dating apps. Honestly, military singles are just common guys in their ordinary life. So, you have more chances to find a military guy who mimics civilians, and you will not understand this for a long time.  

Are the military guys dangerous?

No, single military guys are not dangerous. And you can ultimately meet military singles without terrifying anything.

Is it legit to hook up armed forces?

Yes, it’s legit to have a relationship between men and women, between soldiers and civilians. You shouldn’t care about hooking up with a man in uniform may be prohibited or taboo.


Ok, now we broke all the myths about military guys. You haven’t searched especially military dating sites, like MD date, to hook up with someone from the armed forces. Remember, your new friends are much more disciplined, so they will never visit suspicious places or something else. That’s why you haven’t searched for them at the small dating sites which are for random sexual encounters. 

It is much simpler to create a profile at a big approved dating website and become a perfect match with an army person!